Breva 1100 engine dying

Had a great ride out on the Breva 1100 in the Peaks yesterday. Just had one concern the whole day. On three occasions I pulled up at a junction, and when I pulled in the clutch the engine died. Each time I turned off the ignition, turned it on again, and the bike started immediately. Tickover doesn’t seem unusually low, and the rest of the time it ran like a dream. Has anyone else had this happen? Any advice?

Check the TPS setting usually falls to 3.6 should be 4.2. You need VDSTS software.

Thanks for giving me something to go on; I don’t have the software, but at least I’ll know what to ask for!

The way you describe it is that it only does it when in gear with the clutch pulled in. Is that correct, or does the same thing happen in neutral?

Yes, it’s as I come to a standstill and pull in the clutch; when it dies, it happens before I have the chance to put it into neutral and release the clutch.

Could be excessive clutch drag.
Have you tried putting it on the mainstand, start the bike, pull in the clutch and put it into gear. The rear wheel will normally spin a bit, but it should stop very easily when you put the sole of your shoe against it. If it doesn`t the bike is probably stalling due to clutch drag.
If it is this, bleed the clutch. This is a very simple process via the hose/bleed nipple attached to the battery cover under the seat.
Worth checking the easy stuff first!

Good idea. I’ll check that out at the weekend.