Breva 1100 exhaust diameter

Would anybody be able to tell me what the inside diameter is of the link pipe from the cat to the silencer?
I know I can easily remove it and measure it, but one of you guys may know off the top of your head.

the internal dia of the exhaust is 5.5cm at the point it pushes over the cat output spur. Cat out put is just under 5.5cm and a gasket goes between it an the exhaust.
There is no link pipe. Best Cat replacement is Mistral £200.

Thanks for that detailed explanation! I love bike forums.
I have a little stubby pipe that was for a BMW. On the BMW the cat does most of the silencing. Replacing the silencer with a short stubby pipe make little difference to the noise. To make the bike louder you have to replace the cat with a link pipe. I am wondering if the Breva will be the same. Anybody run their Guzzi with cat, but without silencer?

Yes you have to remove the cat to make the B11 rev more freely and sound louder but a silencer tunes the loudness to passerby comments of it sound awesome. That would be the mistral eu rated silencer with db killer removed. Downside might be more vibey no big cat bag balancing.

Mine sounds like a Lancaster bomber with no Cat and a straight through silencer, it’s not to loud though!

There is no finer sound than the Merlin engine. I may have to go this route.

Hi Mark, I have the Mistral can with cat replaced by 2 into 1 plain pipe, sounds nice but not overloud, you can check it out when you collect the forks.
Cheers, Gerry.