Breva 1100 - Handlebar Riser Blocks

Hi - does  anyone know of anybody who manufactures/supplies handlebar riser blocks for a 2007 MY Breva 1100.

I’ve found some that fit underneath the riser on an American website.

If your Breva has the alloy risers rather than a straight across tubular bar, then Helibars will be the ones that are most commonly used; I have them on my 2005 Breva and they’ve transformed the bike for me.

Thanks for the reply. Â Yep mine uses the alIoy risers and I was thinking of using Helibars, it’s just the price that puts me off.

Suppose I’ll just have to bite the bullet!

They’re not cheap, and you’ll have to get a longer front brake line; I got Twiggers to fit mine as they can produce the correct length of brake line themselves. Nevertheless, for me it was like getting a new bike, but a lot cheaper than that would have been! If you’re near Leicestershire, you could come and check mine out before taking the plunge.

Might be worth taking a picture of those american risers to a local engineering firm to see if they can machine up something similar as should be simple enough to make. Â Should be a lot cheaper than helibars?

Thanks for the advice. Â I’ve managed to find a set on ‘Evil Bay’ and have done the deal. Â Looking forward to getting, fitting and trying them out.

Well done! You’ll be amazed at the difference they make.

Heli Bars arrived and fitted. Â Definitely make a big improvement, much more natural, comfortable position and no more numb hands!

I’m glad you’re as happy with them as I am. It’s a great bike when once you can get comfortable on it. The only other change I made was lowering the pegs an inch to stop myself getting cramp in my left knee after a few hours.

Hi Graham - what did you use to lower the foot pegs? Â I must admit that I get cramp in my legs after a longish ride. Â I end up taking my feet off the pegs and stretching my legs as I ride. Â Not idea!

Through ebay I purchased lower foot pegs (2nd hand) and lower toe pegs (new) produced by Knight Design. They only lowered my feet by 1", but that made all the difference: no more cramp in my left knee. I do have to remember to move my feet back so only my toes are on the pegs if I’m really leaning hard, but I used to do that anyway on previous bikes - I’d just got out of the habit while riding with footboards on a Cali.

Incidentally, there may be other makes that are cheaper or that give a greater range of adjustment. I think I read that someone adapted some pegs from a Honda Gold Wing.

By the way, the Knight Design toe pegs are listed for the Griso, but they fit the Breva fine:

Thanks. Â I’m going to try it with just the lowered foot pegs first.


Another one here going to give the lower foot-pegs a whirl. Being 6ft 3" my legs do get a bit cramped on the Breva 1100. Good to hear they do make a difference.Â

Hi. Please can you tell me what difference the handlebar risers make. I am a small person (5’4") for this bike and much as I love it I find it a bit of a stretch to the bars. I have a lowered seat which helps me to get more of each foot on the ground when stationary, but not sure if fitting risers will go in the wrong direction for me. Thanks, Beth