Breva 1100 inner plug removal!

Hi all,
Decided to have a go servicing my Breva 1100. Got the tank off ok ( thanks to Gambalunga article on fuel filters) to do air filter & tappets .
How do you change the inner spark plugs ? I have bought some new ones £12 each! But do I have to completely remove the air box to get at them - any advice would be much appreciated.

Yes you have disconnect the throttle bodies and remove the airbox assembly. Then u grind the corners of a hex plug socket change the plugs. Best leave the plugs alone for 30000 miles.

You do not have to remove the air box, but can be tricky to remove,take care removing the plug caps as they are easy to break,its best to use a air line to remove debris from around the plug because it will fall into the cylinder once the plug is removed.I also purchased the correct tool for the job as there is very little room around the plug to use a normal plug socket as it has to have a thin wall to the socket. You could try to grind down the outside of a normal socket but I found the correct tool does the better job.
I have changed mine a couple of times now it not that hard just takes a little patiences.

More difficult if you don’t remove the air box, but possible.First try to make sure there is no crud down by the plug. Guess where that drops into when you pull the plug out.You need a 3/8 drive socket of the right size. One of those wobbly extensions is also a good idea. The OD of the socket has to be ground down to 21mm max otherwise it won’t fit in the hole.If you remove the airbox,obviously all the breather pipes have to be disconnected, plus the air intake temp sensor. Don’t forget the little drain tube, bottom LH rear of the box, and hold it somehow otherwise it drops down and is a PITA to feed back up again.You just have to remove the two hose clips holding therubber to the throttle bodies, pull them off the TBs and lift the airbox.

Mmmm, well designed.

Once the plug is loosened try using a piece of 8mm tubing, pushed onto the plug and remove by hand. It’s a wee bit trickier putting the new ones in, but you can feel when the threads have caught properly, thereby avoiding crossed threads. It also saves dismantling the whole bike!

quote from guzziology in credo at the front , "no easier or cheaper approach is ever the best way "

if you do it with the airbox in …you will only end up taking it out anyway , so you might aswell take it out in the begining .
theoneandonly2014-02-15 10:16:37

THAT should be written in BIG LETTERS on everyones manual

Hi all,Made it!! Doncha just love Guzzis, many thanks for all the top tips. I unscrewed the breather box attached to the front of the airbox, then undid the airbox from the throttle bodies and pulled it back and up which gave enough room to reach the plugs. Much grinding of my plug socket was required and i was worried to death about crossthreading when putting the new ones in, but all seems ok. Just got to replace the fuel filter in the tank and job done.What a great forum, Thanks!

‘Much grinding of plug socket’ takes me back to when we twinplugged me Mk 1…took me ages…

Yes, took me some time too.At least they put long life plugs in that position, should be good for 30k miles, so it’s not a weekly event.

I bought a genuine plug socket from Guzzi. It was a piece of crap but it fitted. £19! Then I threw it away cos it split it was so thin. So i stuck a decent socket (£5) in a drill chuck, spun it up and put an angle grinder on it. 2minutes work for a pukka socket.

Before sockets were invented, there were wonderful devices called box spanners, if you can get a pre-chinese one with the hole for the cross bar, they work well.G.

EEEE El Duffo I have such items in t’ tool box them there “proper” made box spanners of which ye speak.

One thing I remember was taught to stop x threading stuff was a turn backwards then gently forrards seems to work.

Mind you the MORE I read about hese 'ere newer mo g uls the more I like my V1000 and the V 'leven leeemansguzzibear2014-03-01 16:58:16

I have used this removal tool Motion Pro 08-239
Link to USA seller(not found any UK sellers ) £12.00p
works very well, without removing to much.
Once finger loose/tight use length of rubber hose that slips over the plug to run in or out.

Just found this one in the UK
£20.63pwits2014-03-07 22:39:49