Breva 1100 mpg?

I know mpg depends how you ride etc but… I’m getting 34 mph on average and think I a steady rather than speedy rider. Is this within norms? Just fitted a Finbau Forge fuel enriched which is great for smooth pull at low revs. Too few miles to assess impact of mpg. 34 mpg was before fitting.

You should be getting 40 to 45 mpg. How are you measuring it. Full to full or by the trip computer? The trip computer works in US gallons which .83 of an imperial gallon.

Jeepers, getting near 50 out my V11 B-road bashing. 55 on a dual carriage way run. Sub 35 is trackday hooning territory.

Ah, ha. I am just using the trip data and wasn’t aware it was US gallons so thanks for that. Calculation suggests I’m getting closer to 41 mpg form a U.K. Gallon. Feels better!

As I said average. Mine would do 50 + pussying about and on long runs. But throw in towns and fast riding I averaged 40- 45 mpg overall.

The best I got before the fuel light came in was 185 miles, but I have heard of folks getting 200 +

It depends on your riding style

I get between 55 and 60 average on my Triumph Tiger 800 but have seen 65 mpg on a run.

It caught me out too. One of those Guzzi quirks :smiley:

50mpg should be getable, easily my’n avreges 50/55mpg, on long runs touring 200mls + on a tank no problem. and I hav a finbough dooda fited.

Well I never knew that.

Thanks for responses. Seems my mpg is on the low side. Bike recently serviced (Churchill, near Milton Keynes. They claim to be well up on Guzzies) and I’m not are of any problems, runs well. I’ve read about updating the ecu mapping on forums, could this be a factor if it’s not been done on my Breva?

Maybe you are riding around in baggy trousers?

Bagg trousers, jacket unfastened, stick out ears on helmet and anchor in case brakes fail :wink:

hi. I seem to get 55mpg consistently. Fill up do miles fill again div ltrs into miles done x4.5= gals

I reckon I get high 40s with two up but there aint much traffic here in France, so I guess that helps.
I try not to fill up whilst riding, can’t stand all the faf of taking gloves and helmets off, so I fill from a can and most times
I get back home without the drudgery of a gas station.

Just done. A 240 mile trip on a 1200 Breva. Fuel average was 63mpg.
Many things you can do to improve fuel consumption. Firstly dump the supermarket fuel. This is a 25% ethanol mix. Ethanol won’t do good mpg and clogs up the fuel system. Try putting in some 97 premium fuel and a fuel stablizer. Ethanol also expands the fuel tank. Making it harder to re-enstall the tank.
By the way I have also remapped.