Breva 1100 Oil Level - Min-Max Amount

Hi does anybody know how much oil it take to raise the engine oil level on the dipstick from Min to Max?

Not a lot… I would guess a pint at the most. Remember the oil on modern Guzzi should be checked when bike has been ridden and the oil is hot. Strange but true,

When topping up my B11 it took about .75 litre from low to high, don’t forget to measure the level with the dipstick screwed home.
Cheers, Gerry.

Thanks for the info. Â Only problem now is holding the bike upright as I’ve only got a centre stand fitted!

Don’t want to be awkward but the Breva is unusual in that the oil level is checked with the dipstick not tightened. .75 litre seems about right to me though.