Breva 1100 pannier locks

I’ve snapped the key off in the lock, and had to butcher it to remove it. I’m now drawing a bit of a blank (if you’ll pardon the pun), re getting replacement lock barrels, they don’t show up as a spare in the Breva parts list and Twiggers supplied what they thought were the right ones but they aren’t the same as the later Norge locks… It looks like the panniers are the same as the Aprilia Futura but they have dried up.Does anybody know if they are made by Givi, I seem to remember they may have been?

Could this be what you are looking, if not there are other models with lock sets.

Also broke key off in pannier lock, just carry 11/2 keys with me as the broken one still opens and locks the offending pannier. The keys detailed above are for the ignition key actuated locks, hence the enormous price. Have found that spares for the panniers seem to be non-existent, they just want to sell you a whole new set, only exception is that Stein Diense have replacement seal strips for the inside of the lids.Cheers, Gerry.

Thanks guys. Those locks are the std ignition type. The pannier locks have a long pin protruding from the bottom that actuates the cable release for the claw that secures the pannier to the mounting.Unfortunately the key stub wouldn’t catch the bit left in the lock, and I was on holiday so it was a case of getting it out as best as I could…

Timpsons (I had my doubts) tried about 5 different blanks that were a close match to my single remaining key, but without success. The cost was £8 per key if they could cut a suitable blank. The price was refunded. They had, however, offered to send my single working key to their central workshop and assured me that they would be able to match it, cost approx £22 if I remember correctly. I did not proceed for my own reasons but consider that Timpsons tried hard and had a much wider range of key blanks than I expected.