Breva 1100 service warning?

Anyone any idea how to reset the display after servicing the bike yourself? It’s just the warning light keeps coming on which is rather annoying. Then again the ‘menu’ is not the easiest to get your head around with its ‘one button does all sins’ control.

Are you getting the “service wrench” or a warning light?

You have to go into the diagnostics menu (code is 36421) and there’s an option to reset the service reminder in there IIRC

As suggested by Mackers you can see the ECU and Dash error codes there too if that is as concern

Description ECU Error code
Error throttle valve C.C. Vcc ECU 10
Error throttle valve C.C. Gnd ECU 11
Error Engine temperature C.C. Vcc ECU 14
Error Engine temperature C.C Gnd ECU 15
Error Air temperature C.C. Vcc ECU 16
Error Air temperature C.C Gnd ECU 17
Error Low battery ECU 20
Error Lambda sensor ECU 21
Error Ignition coil 1 C.C. Vcc ECU 22
Error Ignition coil 1 C.C. Gnd ECU 23
Error Ignition coil 2 C.C. Vcc ECU 24
Error Ignition coil 2 C.C. Gnd ECU 25
Error Injector 1 C.C. Vcc. ECU 26
Error Injector 1 C.C. Gnd ECU 27
Error Injector 2 C.C. Vcc ECU 30
Error Pump relay ECU 36
Error Local Loop-back ECU 37
Error relay starter C.C. Vcc ECU 44
Error relay starter C.C. ground ECU 45
Error cannister C.C Vcc ECU 46
Error cannister C.C. ground ECU 47
Error battery high ECU 50
Error ECU general ECU 51
Error instrument panel ECU 54
Error autoadaptation Tito I ECU 55
Error vehicle speed ECU 56
Error stepper C.A. ECU 60
Error stepper C.C. Vcc ECU 61
Error stepper C.C. Ground ECU 62
Error unknown ECU 00

Dash Errors
Immobiliser fault: key code read but not recognised DSB 01
Immobiliser fault: key code not read
(key not present or transponder broken) DSB 02
Immobiliser fault: Antenna broken (open or short-circuit) DSB 03
Immobiliser fault: internal controller fault DSB 04
Fuel sensor fault DSB 05
Air temperature sensor fault DSB 06
Oil sensor fault DSB 07
Oil pressure fault DSB 08


PS - I bet you have a 07 Dash error if you have just done an oil change :wink:

Thanks the replies and most appreciated.

I can’t recall seeing any ECU codes but I will check again this morning while I have some time on my hands.