Breva 1100 shock removal

For some reason this is not covered in the manual.
Do you know of any online info on this?
Corrected the link. You have to remove the lower linkage, bike on stand.Then you have to remove the adjuster knob, but watch for the little ball bearing inside (which goes click on every turn).Then remove top bolt, and you can twist and lower the unit and remove it from the bike.
Brian UK2014-03-20 23:15:46

Not had chance to attack this yet but today I did spray the bolts with Plus Gas in readiness! The top bolt looks a bit awkward to get at due to the proxomity of the mudguard/battery tray plastic. Presumably it is easier once the botom bolt is undone? I can see the bolt from the right side. Is there a captive nut on the other side or do you have to get a spanner on it?
Mark Shelley2014-04-13 18:26:03