Breva 1100 Sports

Just thought I would post a link to photos of my bike. I bought my Breva 1100 Sports a few months ago. Very please with it!

Another one here enjoying a new experience with an 1100 Breva. I would find it hard to fault.

Ooh ello Lucifer, glad you enjoyin yer guzzi…

very nice

Thanks guys! I love it! it’s a real joy to ride and own. There’s something about Guzzi’s they are like no other. You can see I have the bug !!!

Looks really nice .

One query - Have the handle bars on your bike been changed during its life? I always thought that the Breva Sport had lower, straight bars, which was one of the things that decided me to buy a standard Breva instead.
The bars in your photo are the same as the ones that I had on my Breva 1200. Curious .

I am not aware of a handle bars change. Although until recently I wasn’t aware of a sports 1100 Breva, just a 1200 sports. Mine looks very similar to the YouTube video below.


I think someone has just fitted the 1200 Sport fairing and seat cowl to a standard 1100 Breva. I believe they go straight on.

The forks and brakes look like standard Breva as well.Somersetlemon2014-04-22 14:34:36

Kind of what I was wondering too.
Are there specification differences between the two i.e. power, torque etc?

That’s getting a little technical for me lol!! But why buy additional bits to make it look like a sports rather than buying a sports in the first place? I have tried to find the genuine sports bits as accessories online but unable to find them. Would love to know for sure if the sports bits were bolted on after purchase or not. silverbullet2014-04-22 18:21:40

I think that what you have bought is a standard Breva 1100 (a damn fine bike anyway) with Sports plastic bits added.
Perhaps the seller added them to make the bike easier to sell, or perhaps bump the price up a bit?

There are a couple of relevant comments on this thread -

Just noticed that you have contributed to the above thread - now I’m really confused.
Perhaps one of the MGCB experts can shed some light upon this.???OldJohnboy2014-04-23 09:10:30

yep! it’s confused me a little If I put ‘moto guzzi breva 1100 edizione’ into a Google image search I get something that looks remarkably similar to my bike. Although mine is none ABS and without a canned exhaust. Not really bothered too much either way but I am intrigued.

Correct, there wasn’t to my knowledge, an 1100 Sport per se.

Hi Laurie,

You are probably right but what are these?


I am given to understand that these were a “end of line parts mix” as many manufacturers, and defo Guzzi, are prone to do. And nothing wrong with that…
Nice though, but oh! for a modern Le Mans!!?

Dealers and importers do this too, hence the Royale!!Laurie2014-05-27 10:28:51

That sounds a fair explanation. I wonder if that being the case, out of curiosity did mine come like that? I guess that is a difficult question to answer. Either way is fine by me