Breva 1100 suspension upgrade

Out of interest has anyone upgraded the front and rear suspension on a Breva 1100 2005 non ABS.
Be nice to have preload rebound and compression on the rear and rebound and compression on the front with progessive springs.
I ride solo and fairly quickly and am just over 11 stone and yes no matter what your toes scrape the ground no clearance there.
I have just destroyed a Road 5 tyre distorting it and delaminating it which i think may be down to the basic harsh front end, the tyre has gone back to Michelin to asses so i will wait to hear, but this is also a prompt to upgrade the suspension.
Obvious suspects are
Matris full front conversion or basic spring kit with rear shock
Hyperpro streetbox kit
Hagon rear shock
Nitron rear shock

Some of the options or more than the bikes worth, but some are not that bad to make a nice bike ride better than standard. Any feed back from anyone having upgraded would be good befoire i waste money on the cheaper options.

I have never used a Nitron shock on a Guzzi but I have had two - one on an FJR1300 and one on my Ducati 900SS.

Both have been brilliant and much better than the stock items they replaced. A very noticeable improvement. Whether that is worth ÂŁ500 or so is up to you, but that would be my first port of call.

Hi, was that there model with preload compression and rebound adjustment

Yep. Their “basic” model is 100x as good as stock.

Well perhaps not quite 100x but you get the picture…

Cheers noted

I had Nitron build a shock for my Griso, i was able to spec it with 10mm more throw & be 5mm longer than std. This means i have more ground clearance & it doesn’t hit thebump stops now! As they built it for me it doesn’t need to be adjusted either :grin:. It has transformed the bike - highly recommended.

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Yes that is one thing that people often forget about…they can build you anything you want. When I was going to get the “ordinary” V100, I was going to get Nitron to build a shock for it. But I got the “S” version…looking backwards, not sure I made the right choice.

Lots of crap on the “S” that’s not really needed…TPS, multimedia, quickshifter any of which I would not miss one little bit, for example…

Yeah im thinking Nitron back shock, do they supply a front end solution.

On the other matter anyone destroyed a Mitchy Road 5 front to the point of large blistering ie delamination spots on a Breva.

Not up on Brevas…who manufactured the forks?

I believe Matris do an upgrade kit…about £250-ish?