Breva 1100 Tacho on strike.

My 05 plate Breva 1100 has a tacho which does the sweep when the ignition is turned on but then goes on strike and refuses to tell me what revs the engine’s doing. Of itself that isn’t a problem but I’ve read so much about instrument panel malfunction on these bike that I’m concerned it may indicate a more deep seated problem. I’ve found Carmo’s website and wonder if I should take the panel off ASAP and send it to them. Any advice from folk who’ve experienced this would be very much appreciated.

If the hand is sweeping normally at start up there’s a good chance the dash is ok or at least the tacho is working.
It might be worth checking all the wiring for dirty/corroded connections before spending money on the dash.
It’s also possible to take the dash apart to see if there is any corrosion to the printed circuits (last resort).

As other replies have said. Go for connections first. The RPM sensor sits at the front of the engine on left side. It is not an expensive part.

Have you checked for fault codes on the system?

If the RPM sensor (phase sensor) was faulty the bike probably won’t run as this control the ignition too. May be a simple connector seating problem.

Have you checked for fault codes on the system?
Thanks to all for your input. I’m new to this ike and don’t know how to check the fault codes on the system so would appreciate any help with doing this. Also, I’m cautious about removing the instrument cluster. I’ve had the cowl and headlight off but can’t see any obvious way of getting to the mounting points for the panel. Is there already available anything online covering this!