Breva 1200

What are peoples’ thoughts on this particular model? The 1100 seems to be held in high regard. Was it more of the same but better or worse? Is the 1200 engine the same as in the Griso and does it suffer from the same cam follower problems? Any comments much appreciated

I found the 1200 very smooth almost not like riding a Guzzi, However I much prefer the older 1100 engine, it still has character and the 1100 6 speed gearbox is a peach, the engine IS easier (cheaper) to work on for me that makes a difference too.

The actual difference on the road in speed/power is hardly noticable, My own theory is that whilst engines get larger the emmission controls strangle them so more cc just seems to swallow more fuel for any given performance.

But hey it is a personal view …

Thanks GB. To your knowledge is the 1200 engine the same as the one in the Griso? Presumably the gearbox would be exactly the same as the one in the Breva 1100. bigsunburst2014-02-13 12:14:53

Dunno specifically I have only enjoyed test rides on the 1100/1200 griso and the 1200 Sport MY 1100 is the V11 Le mans and to be honest none of the above were, for me any real time massive improvement.

For what I use the V11 for…bein a’ 'ooligan it works well. For long distance it works real well comfy ect. For 2 up it is OK but Annie is petite. BUT for rally and fully loaded it is the old 1976 V1000 everytime.

The Breva 1200 was the same 1200 engine as fitted to 2 valve Norge no known engine problems, you are getting confused with the 1200 high cam 8 valve ( 4 valve per cylinder) motor

Thanks 8V Eagle. I’m easily confused!