Breva 750 EFI light on when riding

What is the implication of the EFI light coming on during riding? Is it something to do with O2 sensor and is it costly to fix?
Any comments would be appreciated

I’ve got the same engine in my V7Classic and the warning light can be lit if the kill switch was engaged during Ignition On sequence.
Occasionally it illuminates briefly before optimum running temp is reached. And then it will light when it’s supposed to i.e. when a factor it monitors strays outside parameters.
I’ve never seen it lit for an actual fault condition, but if so I’d be paying attention to what the engine is telling me through MPG and expected power output, running temp, battery health.
What’s yours doing?


Thanks for the gen Phil, bike is advertised on ebay. The owner reports that the light comes on during the initial switch on then off when started but comes on “now & again” when riding but bike allegedly runs ok. I am interested in it but wary if there is a big problem.Â

It will come on ocasionally when riding sllowly in traffic as presumably the engine is slightly warmer than usual. If it has a FineBeau Forge lambda sensor fooler that can ocasionally bring it on at low revs.
Nothing to worry about, just keep an eye on mpg and oil usage as per normal.
Nice bikes, just rode mine into work in the snow.

check how many miles the bike has done, wether it has been serviced at a dealer or specialist

depending on where you are it would be worth gettign it plugged into a diagnostic tool for a full report
you could if the price is high arrange to have it inspected and if it has a major fault return it ( i would) but it may just be a loose cable or corroded connector

mdog251, the vendor’s description matches my experience - ‘now and then’ - and the other Posts here indicate Situation: Normal with the Breva.

p.s. if it’s the one with the noisy cans it’s likely to be the heat shields not being seated properly. Just torque them down with maybe a spacer and hey presto. Nice looking bike.


My Breva 750 also has the EFI light come on - and off regularly but I can’t make out why. My best guess in my case is the Lambda sensor is probably the cause.
I also had it come on before when I had a charging problem.
Does anyone know of a list of the faults that can cause the light to come on?

breva and v7 are eobd comliant

with a 2 or 3 pin fiat to eobd converter cable you can read the error codes using a cheap eobd scanner

they dont like short journeys

try riding it hard and clocking the miles
cars are the same round here we have people driving 2 miles to work and back causes condensation in the engine, water in the exhaust adn weird faults lights that come one
also if the battery is low the same problem can occur on the breva
shortest journey on mine is 50 miles neveer had a warning light coem on in 12 years, other than when the battery was low or I failed to wait for the needles to go round and back as it did the diagnostics

buy it an enjoy it