Breva 750 final drive oil seal

Have stripped final drive due to oil leak and am a bit concerned about the surface condition where the seal lips contact the shaft. See photos.
Has anybody else seen similar surface marks. It looks like the seal has worn two grooves in the hub surface. The bike is 2006 and has done 23k.

Was the seal a two-lip one? Anyway, I’d skim it on the lathe and then look for smaller ID seal. Well, actually I’d start with size chart first. The grooves come from prolonged no-use rather than from over-use. I dare to say, here we have an example of what happens if some zealot gets the jet wash to hand and does the total clean just before the winter break.

Thanks Adamigo, Its a two lip seal. I guess you are saying that the grooves are caused by corrosion rather than wear. I suppose the best cure would be to either have the surface built up then re-machined or machined and press on a hardened ring. Not keen on a non standard oil seal.

other reason is too many short journeys leading to emulsion in the oil, and not changing the oil enough
i have the oil changed every year, along with engine and gearbox
oil cheap bearings expensive !
and I dont do short journeys

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I’ve only had the bike for 5 months and abroad for two of those, but it may have been unused for long periods of time as both previous owners sold the bike due to ill health. It was fully serviced prior to purchase but the final drive oil was black when I drained it. I’ve only done 1300 miles since I bought it but normally do between 70 and 100 miles per trip. Gutsibits are seeing if they have a second hand hub and will get back to me next week. My other option is to have it machined and have a ring pressed on.

What about getting it ground, hard chromed and ground back to original diameter? Cheers Phil


Hi Grahame,
Some useful suggestions already, but can I offer another solution.
It depends on how much you love the bike, how much you care about originality, but this could be a very cost effective way over your problem.
I am attaching a link for a product called Speedi Sleeve. which I have used many times during my working life.
In a lot of cases ha saved hours of work and dismantling.
Best used when the oil seal leaking is accessible from the outside, but I don’t see why it could not be used in your situation.
Also attached is a link to a Company I have used for many years (Sealmasters).
These people are oil seal specialists, helpful experts, friendly, and very cost conscious. In fact if you can find a better oil seal company than this one, please let me know.
The above information is based on my personal experience.
Apologies if these links are a bit vague as I am not very computer savvy.
There are also good videos available on UTube

speedi sleeves company

Click here for a location map SEALMASTERS Ltd.
Unit 4
Metalcraft Court
Seawalls Road
CF24 5TH
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Thanks Phil, I will look into it.

Thanks for the info, I will contact them on Monday and see what they can offer.

The Speedi Sleeve option looks good. Cheers Phil

Hi Grahame,
Reading through my initial post to you, I think I have not maybe been very clear. (actually beaten by technology!) They are 2 separate companies --Sealmasters for the oil seals and Speedi Sleeves another company who may have a distributor near you.
I was unable to find a direct link for Speedi Sleeves, only several supplies of their product. A quick Google search for Speedi Sleeves, should locate your nearest supplier.
Will attempt another link for you.

  • E:
  • T: [0121 429 8011](tel:0121 429 8011)
  • F: 0121 434 3016
    Seems to have worked so hopefully you will have success.


Thank you Ken, I understood your email and have used Sealmasters in the past. I’ve been looking into Speedi Sleeves but am unable to use one unless I can press it on with the flange outwards and then cut off the flange and the extra sleeve length. My seal location shoulder is 75 dia but only 12 mm long, The Speedi Sleeve flange has a radius of 3.18 with a small groove at the end of the rad just where the seal lip sits making it unsuitable if fitted normally. I’ve found a 75id x 26 long Speedi Seal for £28 but not sure if it will press on as mentioned above as I’ve had no experience with them.
Thanks again for your advice, much appreciated.

My local seal shop has some choice in stock, you just need to choose the dia

Many thanks, I bit the bullet earlier and ordered one from Worcester Bearings. I should get it by Tuesday. I’ll let you know how I get on and attach a picture if It’s successful.

Hi Grahame,
I sent you a personal email about 1 hour ago.
Not sure if It went, so would be grateful if you could confirm receipt.


Thanks Ken, received and understood. Will let you know how I get on.

Just to let you know how I got on with the Speedy Sleeve. I put the hub in the freezer as suggested and warmed the sleeve up with my hot air gun. I had to take off a small lip on the end of the sleeve with a small flap sander to ensure that it would fit over the worn hub. The sleeve was still quite tight and had to be tapped into place with my favourite tool, the hammer. I then cut off the surplus sleeve with a Dremel cutting disc in my bench drill. Spent some time polishing the flange shoulder so that the new seal would slip over without damage.
All back together now, only the exhaust to refit and oil in the final drive.
Will test ride it if it ever stops raining.
Thanks for advice, much appreciated.

Hi Grahame,
Looks a good result,. I liked the set up with the Dremel.
Extra bonus is the sleeve is stainless I presume, so you should not have any more corrosion problems. Glad to see it all worked out for you.


Hi Ken, Have done just under 100 miles and no sign of a leak so I think its cured.
Thanks again for the Speedy sleeve info.

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Interesting stuff. I hadn’t heard of Speedi sleeves but Im wondering now if they could be used for the big block crank shaft seal (clutch side). I have a groove after 50k and managed to put a new seal in, in a slightly different position and fixed the leak but this would have been a good option. Another option was to buy a new bearing carrier with an extended seal holder. Thanks guys, this is what I enjoy about being in the club.