breva 750 front mudguard

Is it possible to fit a V7 classic front mudguard to a breva 750? As I binned my bike and broke the mudguard.dmrcard2014-09-29 20:48:07

probablywhat colour is yoursI may know a chap with a spare front mudguard

My front mudguard is black

aha the one I know of is redwhat bit of the Uk are you in ?send me a PM

Never followed up on this but Yes a V7 front mudguard with V7 bracket does fit the Breav 750. I actually prefer it now!

Does it not look bulky as the V7 uses larger front wheel?

Has a slight enduro look, as it sits a little higher than the breva. It’s also a bit longer at the back.

What, no pictures?