Breva 750 Fuel Tank question? Help please!

I got an email regarding the 750 Breva Fuel Tanks, could someone please help me answer it:

Hello. Ill be honest, Im not a member of the club, cos I havent got a Guzzi, but Im going to get one, and then Ill join. I hope thats ok. I want
a 750 Breva, but I`m worried about the plastic tank with ethanol. My question
is, do all Brevas have a plastic tank, or do some have a metal tank? Moto
Guzzi say that only post 2013 bikes are suitable for use with ethanol. Do you
have thoughts on that? The price of pre 2013 bikes seems unaffected by that.
Thanks, Jim

Thanks Uki

All Breva 750 have plastic tanks. The tanks do swell when exposed to ethanol, as does the V7 Classic ie. There are high mileage examples. My own is 47k and some members have gone round the clock. I have not heard of Breva tanks failing, only swelling making removal and reinstallation tricky. The Nevada of the same era has metal tanks and are a better investment.

Thanks Kevin

Did I not read somewhere that the 750 Breva will not be suitable for the new E10 fuel so more problems to overcome


“The Nevada of the same era has metal tanks and are a better investment.”

Well only if you want a Nevada I suppose…personally I love the look of the Breva 750, and will hang on to mine despite the swelling tank issue. Using E5 fuel which is available here in France at least, at the local supermarket pump.