Breva 750 Gearbox Output Shaft Seal Leak

My wife’s Breva 750 (96,000 mile) is leaking gearbox oil from the gearbox output shaft seal. I’ve removed the swing arm etc. and everything’s cleaned and inspected. The shaft splines and bearings etc. are all in excellent condition.

Before I attempt to replace the offending seal has anyone got any tips on how to remove it? Chris Jessop2014-08-05 13:47:23

If you can see it, something like a crochet hook or a bent wire or old screwdriver to reach in and drag it out. You will destroy it in the process but if you have the new one to fit then it doesn’t matter.
Just go carefull not to damage the surface where the seal runs, and a tiny smear of silicon gasket sealant around the outside of the new seal often helps.

is there any side play in the bearing ?

Update, there’s no play on the bearing/output shaft, even after 96,000 miles, all is good as far as I can tell.

The leaking oil seal in question is still in place but I have a Snap-On S6129 seal puller on order. The seal is in a 3" deep x 2.5" diameter housing where the UJ slips over the output shaft so I’ve not tried to lever it out.

The Snap-On tool worked a treat so he’s all sorted, leaking seal out, new seal in and swing arm/drive shaft rebuilt and good to go.

All ready for the next 96,000 miles …

I’ll do a feature for Grumblemonga with pictures.