Breva 750 ie

I have just purchased a Motor Guzzi Breva 750 ie,witch is not running very smooth.
It surges when opening throttle from idle to just a little throttle,also as soon as the load comes off,the engine seems to run lumpy,alright under load don’t matter how heavy.

Hello and welcome, I am not fully conversant with the model but I am sure someone will be along soon. Did you buy it from a dealer? What year is it?

Best wishes

I purchased it from a private owner,year 2005

Have you done usuals. Fresh oil, plugs and air filter? How old is the fuel and is the battery is fine fettle?

Hi yes oil air filter and battery ok new plugs

I have owned a Breva750ie since April 2004. It sounds a bit like the throttle bodies are out of synch. Mine needs doing every few years. Runs so much better afterwards. Make sure you use good fuel, not necessarily higher octane, but good and clean fuel. Where do you live?

Hi I live in the new forest and use esso petrol are shell

It would be well worth it to get Baldrick to check it out, and maybe give it a service.

There is a known problem with poor running under 3k and popping and banging on the over run
always make sure the throttle bodies are balanced ( TPS)
and it helps if the computer is reset to clear faults
however some still give a problem ( mine did) its caused by the need to make the engine run very weak for emission testing, I think it turns a cylinder off to save fuel,. or weakens the mixture too much
I got a magic black box and fitted it and the problem has never recurred and the machine runs so much more smoothly
just looked out the paperwork and its a Finebau compensator