Is there a dormant LED in the 750 Breva’s tacho that I can use to show what mode my alarm is in? My bike has an after-market Datatool alarm but whoever fitted didn’t bother with the LED so I have no idea what setting the alarm is in until it goes off. I noticed what I think looks like an LED in the tacho, roughly in the 4 o’clock position just to the right of the Guzzi eagle. Am I right and if so does anyone know where Guzzi has hidden the wiring to access this LED?
I’ve added a pic of the tacho with an orange arrow where I think this LED is.
Maybe Guzzi built it in for a factory-option alarm, or is it just a moulding blank?
Tacho LED.jpg

That is not on my lil’Breva, so presumably has been added later.

Mine is a on an 06 plate and has the silver painted engine and forks.

My 08 Plate has the same but nothing in the Handbook about what it does and I have never seen it lit. Being in the rev Counter I wondered if it might come on if you hit the “Rev Limiter” but I’ve never revved mine hard enough to find out.

I think its something to do with low battery
best bet rather than mess the bikes wiring around is to fit a remote led in the sidepanel
or drill it into the rear light and silicon it in place

I asked my nearest dealer, Forza Italia at Silverstone, if they knew what the LED was for. As the Breva is quite an old model now - from a dealer’s point of view anyway - they said they couldn’t remember but it may be a generic rev counter, so on other bikes it could be for a rev limit or side stand warning.
Anyway, I had a spare LED in my electrics box so I’m going to try and wire it in over the weekend.
Incidentally, I must give full credit to Forza Italia as, before I decided on the Breva, I took their V7 Stone out for a test ride and they were extemenly helpful. It was a doddle to book the ride, as I’ve seen on the forum that other dealers are not so accommodating. The Stone was not quite for me though. The Special is nicer with a bit more chrome but I’m not a fan of black wheels. As it stands, having read about the new V9 test ride in Gamabalunga I’m hoping Guzzi will bring out a more traditional version of that - V9 Breva maybe??