Breva 750 Levers

Has anyone fitted adjustable or short levers? If so, what make are they?

I asked about this ages ago. Was told that I could use the adjuster levers of 1100 sport for the brake. You could get adjuster levers for the clutch but you would have to mod the levers and the mounting. I think the clutch lever was of a Ducati or maybe an Aprillia. But cant remeber.

Aww c’mon Gwen, it a cable clutch so the levers self adjust as you ride it.

There are often some on e-bay but you have to contact vendor as to fitment

I mean the clutch levers with the span adjusters for us with diminutive paws

If you can’t get adjustable ones then look for dog leg ones, Annie has dog leg ones on the Virago cos she has yittul hands

Doglegs might suit me - but there’s nothing listed as fitting a Breva 750 on that well-known auction site. Are the fittings the same as current V7s etc.?

EasyTiger2012-08-31 21:43:03

Just FWIW, tried doglegs once: left, not enough clutch travel; right, might pull back as far as the grip (e.g. new pads in) & fail MOT. Wasn’t a Breva though

I am going to be visiting the Speedycom store in Holmfirth with my 750 Breva shortly, possibly this Friday. I’ll let you know how I get on. The front brake is a bit of a reach isn’t it.

I’ve gotten adjustable levers for V7s from Moto Int in Seattle, US, for $30-45 a couple of years ago. The adj. clutch lever is from Domino, the original supplier of the
stock lever to Guzzi. Looking at the Domino catalog online Domino Levers
, replacement clutch levers are no. 4491.61 (silver) and 1661.61
(black). It’s unclear which adjustable Domino levers match, but my
guess is 0112.61.10.04 (silver) and 0112.61.32.04 (black). The adjustable brake lever is unmarked, so I’m not sure who made it.
The stock lever is Brembo. Looking at Domino, I don’t see an exact
match, but good tries would be 0106.71.19.04 (for an 06 Ducati 900
Monster) and 0106.71.32.04 (for an Aprilia RS 250). Note that these
Domino levers have an additional feature; you can adjust where the lever
hits the brake piston for the master cylinder.Joe

I found these with a quick search, do not be too worried ordering spares from the USA IF you can get the vendor to send them as motorcycle spares NOT for resale the duties will be lower

Thanks Sign216 and guzzibear. Both are good tips. I will see what Cabernet unearths before lashing out. Desperately hoping for an Indian summer…

Looking like Friday week now

do I take it you are to be mobile again soon !!

Yes, ambivalently so…I’ve spent so much getting it back on the road, is it a keeper or do I flee back to the comforting reliability of a Japanese bike? I’ve had so little riding this year, do I winterise the bike and try to extend the season as late as possible? I thought I might sort any small niggles to give the bike another chance before I decide - I didn’t have time to bond with it in the thousand miles before I melted it.

How did you melt it?

By riding it…

Oh yes

Guzzis are generaly reliable. I should keep it.
My lil’Breva is my only transport all year round and I wouldn’t be without it.

Yeah I think you were just really unlucky that day

Like when my Spada dumped its oil on the M6 at 90, got away with a partial seizure. 1 x barrel & piston were still wrecked though.