Breva 750 low seat - grey or red

Still looking for one of these…the factory made low seat for my Breva.
Must be in excellent condition

The lower seat has a tuck in it just to the back of the rider’s part.
Part numbers for these are:
Grey Seat - GU973221100002
Red Seat - GU973221100019


Hi Guzzigirl. I have just bought Breva 750 & it has genuine moto guzzi low seat. Its in prefect condition in grey.
Only problem is I need replacement seat.
Have you standard seat to exchange ??

Thanks for the offer Farmer John, I do have the standard seat, however my husband is 6’ 6" and so I would like to keep that so he can ride the bike comfortably if he wants to.
Out of interest where are you?


Hi I live Mid Lincs between Horncastle & Louth - 10 mins from Cadwell Park.
If I find suitable seat are you interested in buying my lowered seat. Being realistic I shall search for one this Autumn/winter.

Thanks, yes I would be interested in buying it so let me know if you want to sell, if I happen to see another standard seat for sale in the meantime I’ll let you know.

Hi Guzzigirl. Have you found a lowered seat yet ?? I’ve been looking around for normal height seat & found a couple on auction site for approx £100 but
quality is questionable. Would you be ok paying around that figure for my lowered seat if I can find a decent replacement ?

Hi Farmer John,
Just wondering if you found another seat, as I have still not yet found a genuine lowered seat.

Have now bought one from a fellow club member.