Breva 750 not starting

Hello, My Breva 750 failed to start this morning. Electrics came on but I just got a series of clicks and nothing else. This has happened now again (more frequently over the last year) but the bike has always fired up after 2 or 3 tries. But this morning nothing. Is this a battery on the way out or something more serious? Thanks.

Have you tried shorting the large positive lead on the back of the starter to the spade terminal on the starter solenoid attached to the starter.
If this starts your bike then you need the starter relay mod.
On the rearmost relay above the battery cut the outer (rhs) front RED wire and feed it through a 15amp fuse from battery positive.
Tape off the other flying end of the pink lead as it will be live 12v with ignition on.
That is it, it should solve your clunk click no start problems.

Thanks Ian for your reply. Annoyingly, when I got home tonight after work I tested the bike again and it started first poke! I must admit, I am a numpty when it comes to electrics and really don’t have a clue, but will try this weekend. Thanks again. Mike.Â

I have corrected my post, it is the red not pink wire.
Electrics are easy, just take it slowly.

My Breva developed a starting problem today too. After getting it out and riding for about 50 miles. This was subsequent to one of the cylinders on the 850 T deciding it wanted a day off, but that’s another story.

The Breva engine turns over, but VERY slowly. My first thought was the wiring mod for the starter relay. After checking this on the forum I see you mention a red wire Ian, I don’t have a red wire going to the relay, I do have an orange with red tracer. Have the colours been changed at some stage? The battery is a fairly new MotoBatt and is showing 12.53 volts, so I think that’s OK. Everything else is functioning fine.

Some guidance much appreciated?


the starter motors are french
fitted to a car they work well
however on the Breva water can trickle down the leads and into the brush housing and corrode the stator to the armature
had it more than a few times myself
dis the battery and pop the end cover off and look for water ingress
other odd thing is that the brushes run the current to earth, if the brushes are sticky that can casue the same thing
I replaced the bolts on my start motor for allen keys to make removal easier on the road
I also coated the terminals with silicon grease to stop water getting back in

Thanks for that, I’ll get the motor off and have a give it a good check over.

Also, I have just tried this solution which I found on the GuzziTech forum - it seems to work at the moment.

The basic issue is a voltage drop on the positive side, from battery to the starter relay. On the bikes I have been measuring, we see as much as a 4.0 volt loss. This obviously makes it hard for the relay deliver the amperage needed to engage the starter solenoid reliably.
The small block needs a power supply relay added in to deliver full 12V to the starter relay supply side.
This is simple enough to do by removing the orange wire from the starter relay socket, plugging it to the 85 terminal on the new relay. 86 goes to a GOOD ground. 30 goes to battery positive, 87 goes to the original starter relay in the hole where the orange wire was removed. What this does is use the stock wiring only to close the relay instead of supply the power for the load. This should also help eliminate the starter fuse blowing at random times.

Still having starting problems. The starter motor now appears to be jammed. I have taken it off the bike and tested it. The drive spigot flies out when energised, but it’s not rotating. When it’s on the bike it is causing a high current draw, as the lights and dash go dim. Has anyone experienced similar with the these Valeo motors.
Any help welcome before I delve deeper.


Magnets come unglued from the body ?

I discovered the problem with the starter last night.

There is a light tin cover over the planetary gearset. This had become detached and was resting on the end of the motor armature, and consequently shorting it out. It was very burnt when I removed it and was not re-useable. I made a new one from a 56mm diameter washer and spun it down on the lathe to reduce it to the required 51mm. To help make sure it stays in place I potted it into position with Araldite. The motor seems to work fine off the bike, but I haven’t re-fitted it yet.

I have heard of this happening before, possibly on this forum.
Glad you got it sorted.