Breva 750 Oil pressure switch

My 2010 Breve 750 is leaking oil from the oil pressure switch(oil sending unit). As it is located between the cylinder heads on the top of the engine and below the air box how do I tighten or replace it?    I really don't want to drop the engine out but this seems to be the only way. The air box gets in the way from above. I really need to sort this as my mot is due in a few weeks and I'm getting sick of topping up the oil all the time.    At the very least does anyone know what size spanner I need to tighten it?
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it is possible to change it in situ, with difficulty. I had difficulty swinging a spanner far enough, but I managed by also slackening (but not removing) the nut/boss thing it screws into, and by using 2 spanners worked a small turn of that against the turning of the switchdisconnect battery, spanners tend to land across the starter terminals the hardest bit I had was attaching the electrical connection at the end as I’ve got big hands . . . kids are useful at this point, I would suggest putting a tail onto the switch before refitting, make sure you minimise any length increase, from memory you’ll probably need to use a right angle connector so you can fit it under the airbox to start the thread turning. no idea of spanner sizes
Lawrence2014-01-04 15:15:34

A must for every tool box
Spencer Wells
Come in a variety of lengths.

Ooh, that’s a good idea. Just ordered a set.

Cool, although it still sounds like a pain has to be easier than taking out the engine

After messing about I have found a way to change/tighten the oil pressure switch on the 750 Breva. Mine was pouring oil out and down the side of the engine. It had worked loose from vibration and I was able to turn it by pushing it with a screw driver. This is best done on the center stand.1. Remove seat, battery side cover and fuel tank(twisting the tank round to the back and turning it over makes it much easier to disconnect the quick release fuel pipe)2. Disconnect the oil feed to the cylinder3. Disconnect the throttle cables(marking them to indicate which goes where so you don’t have to do it twice)4. Remove the throttle cable guide bracket - this uses 2 torx screws.5. Remove the fuel pipe and sensor from the cylinder head - 1 allen screw - when you pull the pipe inspect the o-ring and make sure to cover the hole so you don’t drop any crud inside.6. Using a long screwdriver or forceps remove the wire from the top of the switch.The switch is actually two parts, the switch threads in to an adapter which threads into the engine. The upper nut is 21mm and the lower is 22mm (why?)7. Using a flex head spanner(s) you can now remove or tighten the switch and adapter. (You can use a normal spanner but you risk rounding the edge.8. Reconnect the wire - I managed to do this using my hand but it was a pain9. Reinstall the throttle cable guide bracket10. Reconnect the throttle cables - check the throttle turns the right way(did you mark them? Nope disconnect and do it again)11. Reinstall fuel pipe.12. Reconnect the oil feed pipe.13. Replace the Tank, side panel, and seat.14. Tell your spouse/wife/partner that you now need to ride the bike all day to properly test the switch is seated right.

The oil pressure warning light on my 2003 Breva 750 is not lighting when I turn the ignition on (not sure if it was always thus and I never noticed or if it’s started happening more recently and I’ve only just noticed). Anyway, I have an oil pressure switch ordered from Stein Dinse, and have been looking for advice like that given here. Where exactly is the switch located on the motor?