Breva 750 paint code

Does anyone know where I can find the paint code for the Breva 750ie? I want to fit a small handlebar fairing to mine and paint it to match. It’s a 2006 model and painted in the bright red flat colour - not metallic. Looks to me like the rarer red Norge is the same colour?
I popped into my local Halfords with one of my side panels to check out the car paints but couldn’t find one that was a close enough match. Halfords say they can mix one up but need the code.
Any ideas please?

RS Motorbike Paint Online have it listed as Rosso Breva Candy for 2005, or red with bronze wheels for 2007, stangely no listing for 2006?

There is a couple of reds listed on the Dutch Owners club database. Have a look here, see if it helps

Thanks for that Dutch website link. Very useful.
Looking at the Breva parts list, it shows bodywork for the 2006 Breva as Race Red.
The paint code is 5.4D-23441 so now I can go to Halfords to get it mixed up. I’ll report back on how good a match it is in case any other red Breva owners are looking for paint.
I initially contacted the factory, expecting them to readily have the paint codes to hand. It was disappointing to get an email back saying: “We do not have the paint codes of the colours of our models. We kindly ask you to contact an authorized retailer that has the appropriate instrument to search the paint code of the colour of your vehicle.”
Somewhat bizarre that the manufacturer of our bikes who then paints them has no records! Or maybe that’s just Piaggio for you.
And the dealer I contacted didn’t reply, so long live the forum!

An update on the Breva red paint. I took the 5.4D-23441 code to Halfords but they couldn’t find it. Then I tried a local Paint Store shop, who specialise in car paints, and they couldn’t find it either. However, I did have one of the side panels with me and Paint Store said they could make me up a can of paint to match it – it cost £20. I finally got around to painting the fairing at the weekend and can happily say it is an exact match. Better still, Paint Store now have the colour logged so if I need any more cans they will only be £9 each.
The dealer I originally contacted (Fowlers) did actually get back to me asking for a frame number, but I then had to chase them when I got no further reply. It turns that there is no specific paint code listed, but they did confirm it is ‘Race Red 2006’.

:smiley: Result :smiley: