breva 750 rear bevel question

I am just doing some tidying up on my guzzi, and removed the rear wheel to get a tyre fitted
I have also removed the bevel housing as the paint is scabby so I can refinish it
however when i popped it off hypoid oil came out, not a great deal
I thought they ran dry
i did have a problem with the bike where the outpur shaft seal failed and killed the gearbox so nigel sorted it for me
( it was all rusty inside as if it had been filled with water)
is it likely that he put a drop of hypoid in to rust proof it
or should I drop the swing arm and rubber boot to check the seal ?
just drained the housing and I can detect slight side play on the spline coming out of the bevel box, is that normal ?
also noticed a little oil weeping from the right hand cylinder head
jeez I feel a big hammer moment coming onrapheal glynn2013-06-09 17:12:30

Have you checked the gearbox oil level ? X

And, give Nigel a ring in the morning and ask if he normally puts oil in with the drive shaft.

Guy says he knows folks who used to knock gearbox seals out to allow the oil thro to lubricate the uj’s, just keeping an eye on gearbox levels ! X

well I popped the swing arm out and the output shaft seal is perfect
nigels a star
found grease on the splines
have not checked gearbox oil level as nigel checked it on the last service and it had not moved, seal looks dry so either he popped some oil in to lube it or the seal has gone on the diff
I can detect a small amount of movement on the input shaft bearing on the bevel box, so it might be that
probably me worrying like a big girls blouse
I did not mind dropping the swing arm as I wanted to refinish it properly after I split battery acid on it ( cos i am a nob and trapped the breather)
plus I can deal with the little gearbox arm that the thread is a bit worn in ( my fault again)
it is like meccano to work on
i want it as shiny as Ian Dunmores !!