Breva 750 Rear Wheel Removal

Hello, I’m trying to remove the rear wheel on my Breva but I can’t undo the bolt that fixes the caliper. Do I need a special tool for this, or is just an allen key and brute strength? The Owner’s manual and the maintenance guide don’t seem to provide any help here.
Thanks, Mike.

Bolt 15.These have a habit of seizing solid. I have undone stubborn ones using an impact driver,this gives the hex hole half a chance before it rounds out. Freeze unlock spray or a decent penetrating oil may help, the problem being getting it into the threads.Also heating the area using a hot air gun or blowlamp may help.

  1. Get some double sided tape to hold the cush drive rubbers in place when you reasemble.
    2.I take you mean the caliper carrier bolt which should just undo.
    Suggest a good anti sieze spray as I cannot remember mine being difficult.

Had this on my V35.Remove the caliper from the caliper hanger and suspend out the way using a bungee over the saddle.Deflate the tyre.Slacken the bevel box bolts (key 19).It is then possible to jiggle it out with the stud in place. Then use plus gas for a few days.Leaning on the allen key with a small pipe, ask a friend to shock the inside of the stud with a sharp blow or three to free it off. Don’t over do it and burr over the end. When refitting use copper slip.

Cabernet2012-11-27 18:06:44

Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated. This plusgas product is like gold dust. Can’t find any local stockists. Will have to buy via internet. Thanks again. Mike.

Halfords? or find a good local carparts specialist, I have even seen this in DIY stores.

WD40 can work as an anti seize, not as good as Plus Gas BUT it does penetrate into the most unlikely placesguzzibear2012-11-30 11:36:33

As does coca cola.
Any car accessory place will stock it or similer.

use a decent socket allen key, I use a Tengo one, if need be use a extension bar, as soon as it starts to move stop and apply Plusgas (no other brand of pentrating oil is worth buying) and turn bit by bit applying Plus Gas as you go along, dont just use a normal allen key as you run the risk of rounding off the bolt, I have my 750 Breva part stripped as I am getting it ready for winter, (read applying lots of ACF ) and as a result of seeing your post I have just removed the bolt and cleaned and copper greased it up.

northwest2012-11-30 12:55:11

Halfords stopped selling Plus Gas some time ago (according to the store in Halifax anyway). Tried several auto spares places near me but none sold it. However, wheel is off. I invested in a good quality socket allen key and this with WD40 eventualy sorted it. Shame though, beautiful day for a ride around here …

When did you buy a quality bike rather than the tat you normaly ride Bob?

Ah! The cat is out the bag now Bob. You are gonna have to admit to following Ian’s example.