Breva 750 Speedo Sensor

Hi All, the speedo on my Breva 750 dies intermittently, so I guess it will die completely in the near future. This will be the second time this has happened on this now 20K mile bike and at £80>£100 for a new sensor it is not funny.
Anyway, I am searching the internet, trying to find an alternative (cheaper) option. Has anyone out there been through this exercise already? If I get no answer, I will continue and if successful, post the result here. Here’s wishing!

Well mine has done 42,000 with no problems there so your fault might ly elsewhere.

Hi Ian, you could be right as I have had numerous ‘issues’ with the instruments. Having said that though, I do believe the problem is with the sensor as I have had them fail on this bike and my Breva 1100 before. Current thinking seems to be that eventually water works its way into the sensor. It’sa shame they are mounted in the way of harm; front wheel on 1100, back wheel on 750. Maybe they might be more reliable if they were mounted out of harms way at the gearbox.

The distance between the sensor and the ring gear, notched wheel or whatever it is, is critical, just slightly too large a gap, it no workee… so if sensor has moved for some reason.

A favourite on cars is rust or crud clagging up the hub ring gear so that the sensor can’t ‘see’ the separate teeth. HTH (?)

Hi Mike, thanks. For your input.Â
I don’t think this is the problem here. On the Breva 750 the sensor is well fixed in the bracket that holds the brake caliper and the sensor picks up its signal from the brake disc bolts.
Research has led me to a possible replacement. Once I have checked it can fit, I will get one and give it a try. Might take a little while.

Are you sure? I would have thought disc bolts are too far apart. (?)

He’s right. The 750 Breva runs off the disc bolts. “My” V11 runs off the 6 holes in the rear disc. As has been said, very sensitive to proximity.

My Breva 750 38000 miles speedo has died. I get needle sweep but nothing else. I have checked and cleaned all connectors(to be honest I have replaced most my connectors with superseal). I did notice someone selling a Breva 750 speedo sensor on ebay listed as Breva 750 Subaru ABS sensor. I did manage to find it is a Bosch part. Does anyone know if there is a generic BOSCH part number as ABS sensors appear to be cheaper than the MG Speedo sensor. Or is it possible to test the sensor off the bike?

It is possible to get generic Hall effect 12v sensors from RS components for around £12.Â
My plan, when I get a chance is to try one out. I have convinced myself this should work - why not?

There was an article in the Gambalunga before last on a 100,000 mile Breva. At which point the odo no longer worked. So they had added a second, after-market, speedo alongside the first. I don’t have the mag to hand but maybe whatever they used is the way to go?

Yes indeed Cyclobutch, I did look them up and their sensors are about £25 or so if I remember right, which looks like an avenue worth exploring.
However, I would still like to look into the RS parts too!

Looks like some of the Ducati ones are the same, even have the same wire colours, I’m going to dig a little deeper.

So I went ahead and bought a 2006 Ducati 999s (749 999 848 1098 1198) rear wheel speedo sensor for £6.98 off Ebay. It has the same wire colours and a superseal connector. The cable was shorter so I put a superseal on the original sensors wire. I rubbed a stainless bolt over the sensor and got movement so figured I’d reassemble everything and try it. First thing the superseal is wider than the original connector so I had to rewire again. Secondly the wires come out of the sensor at a different angle facing the wheel the wires are at 7 o’clock so I had to grind away some of the caliper bracket near the back of the screw casting. I wouldn’t recommend removing material on a brake bracket on a higher powered machine. I had a little ride up the street and the speed seemed about right, I’ll try it tomorrow with gps to check it’s right.


A long break away from this thread I know - but I have fixed my speedo now as it gave up the ghost completely.
I contacted Digital Speedos (mentioned earlier, the suppliers of a replacement speedo for the 100K mile 750 in Gambalunga) and asked for their advice. They sold me one of their sensors, a bracket and some magnets, totalling £46. Between us we worked out the connections and now my speedo works again! As mentioned in an earlier post, the sensor costs £25, much better than the £90 from MG (actually an Aprilia part). You could make your own bracket and get cheaper magnets I expect.
I plan to write it all up, with pictures for a future Gambalunga.

Top thread, particularly as I may need it soon.