Breva 750 Temp Reading

The temperature reading on the dashboard shows degrees fahrenheit.

When switching on, the dashboard goes through its start-up routine and you can see all the markings on the screen at once. Among them is “°F” and “°C”.

My question is: does anyone know if it is possible to change the displayed reading to degrees centigrade?

Not sure BUt I would guess that maybe degrees C will be in the metric dash

Would love to know the answer myself.
Any idea when next years big blow or Wilts Rally is happening?

Changing the bleeding clock is challenge enough for me! (Note to self - must do that…)

Oh I can work out that it is one hour fast.

I have puzzled over how to change F to C as well.

You may find that the temperature scale is linked to the miles/kilometres choice. Fahrenheit would go with miles to suit the American market.

That’s what i thought

MG could not comprehend the difference between UK units and USA units of measure, so they assumed we use USA measurement systems.Thus we got miles with degrees F (and also US gallons on the bigblocks) I think they eventually fixed the US gallons on the newer models a couple of years ago, but using more modern and more sophisticated dash units than the ‘old’ B750.

That is logical, mind you compared to the USA and “The rest of the World” the UK market is small and really we need to decide in the UK if we ARE going to use metric really or Imperial

At the moment we are playing with metres and metric lengths and weights and measures BUT stick to MILES and MPH …no wonder our kids get confused.

At least the USA sticks to it’s measurement system not the half a**ed system we use.

Why on earth we swapped to


YET STILL have miles and MPG??? makes NO SENSE at all

ALL of our truckers have to use KPH it is a nightmare

USA population is about 5 times that of the UK (312 million vs 62 million), the USA market is not as big as you would expect

Us €peans & Japanesse are still happy to use imperial chain sizes.

I have emailed the oracle or Tony Botto who is going to show me what to do.
Don’t hold your breath as this is fairly low on my list of priorities.
Just before polishing my bikes.iandunmore2012-11-05 13:43:31

Here’s how to do it, from rider Foggy95: The book isn’t too clear, but you must depress both control buttons A & B and hold them in BEFORE
turning on the ignition switch. This is a little tricky, what I do is
hold the two buttons in with index and middle finger of left hand, then
turn on ignition switch with right. You will then see EU or USA flash in
the display. You can toggle between the two with button A.Hope this helps,Joe

Wont work (I theenk) on a lil’Breva as it only has one button.

My mistake, those instructions are for the later V7 series.