Breva 750 tyre choice

I recently bought the above and its running a Pirelli Sport Demon front, size 110/70-17, and a Continental Conti Avenue 130/80-17 rear.
Is this a recognized combination of tyres for this model?

I was always led to believe its not good to mix tyre brands?

What are the best tyres for this bike?


Had Bridgestone BT45 on mine both ends of mine for 20,000 miles (not one set). They are vague but predictable at modest speeds, but the harder you push, the better they get.

Most careful owners wouldn’t mix and match like that,
I have a particular downer on Sport Demons at the moment,
to which tyre I attribute the bipolar turn-ins on my '96 Cali.
I am impressed by Michelin Pilot Activs fitted now to my V7 Classic, which has much in common with your Breva. Their longevity in particular inspires me to fit them next on the Cali, too, and sharpish.


Agree BTs…tho I quite like Avon Roadriders…I have them on my Le Mans…I do think its best to run matched pairs…Welcome to the forum btw…

Use BT45’s on mine, the only better tyre I have ever used was a Metzler on my lemon about 20 years ago. Superb grip but lasted 2,000 miles before it became deadly.
BT45’s give me 10,000 miles.

I use Avon Roadriders on my Breva 750. Stable, predictable handling and reasonable mileage.

I wanted Michelin Pilot Activs to replace the worn strangely Pirellis which were on mine when I bought it, as I was really impressed with them on my previous bike a BMW R80RT. They were unavailable at the time and Essential Rubber persuaded me to try Dunlop Streetsmarts . I have been more than happy with both the level of grip and how they are wearing although the rear is starting to square off a little after six thousand miles, there is still a fair way to go to the wear bars.