Does anyone have any advice or preferences regarding Battery replacement of my Breva 750ie - my question is should I go for a ‘Sealed’ unit as it has or go for a traditional unit - I have heard that the traditional units last longer and hold their charge longer - does anyone have any advice of this, please, cheers Roger

I got a Westco sealed bty from TanyaUK 3.5 years ago for £70.00.
I commute 4.8 miles everyday and so far have been able to ignore the bty.
If interested I can look up the part number.
Edit to add.
Part number is YB14L-A2 Westco Motorcycle Battery 12v 14AH(12V14L-B) (12N14-3A).
Origonally purchased on 03/10/11.
Failed Easter 2012.
Replaced without quibble over the phone in 20 hours after the AA gave me a printout saying it had failed.
New one fine since then.

im having good results with a motobat agm on my v35 monza and my v65tt

Hi Ian, thanks for that, I’ll contact them and get one, Cheers, Roger