Breva 750ie Clutch issue DESPERATE

Right so a bit of background,

My 2010 Breva 750 now has 38000 miles on it. I was riding to work before a few weeks ago and it was really struggling. I was off for a few daysi and the next time I got on it I could hold it in first with my feet. I tried adjusting the clutch cable(which hadn’t been done in the 2 1/2 years I owned it). It then wouldn’t go in to gear at all. I ordered a new clutch cable and waited.

So when the new cable turned up, I went to remove the old one. It was wedged in the cooling fins and took ages to pry it out. The cable inside had no movement at all so I thought the cable was clearly the issue. I discovered the return spring was also missing so ordered a new spring.

I have now fitted the new cable, with spring(what a nightmare). Started the bike up and … still won’t go into gear. Now I don’t know what to do. I have looked at the cable adjustment but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

As my Breva is my transportation, I really need it sorted or I’m going to be on the train.

Check the gear linkage itself …making sure you have travel…

I have 43,000 miles on my lil’Breva.
I have changed the clutch cable twice but do not know of this return spring.
5 years ago my gearbox wouldn’t change gear and that was the preselector inside the gearbox but yours should have the new beefed up one.
Where do you live.
eves and weekends if desperate and I can help.

The Gear Linkage is seated properly(had that problem before).

I did have some 25mm bar risers on which I removed, the old cable allowed it to go into gear before I removed the risers.

There was now issue with going into any gear even when it was running poorly, and as iandunmore said mine should have the new improved preselector.

So I had a brew and a moan, went back and checked the the cable route. I also wound the bar lever adjustment right in.

I’ve got gears again hurray.

However it still seems to be slipping a bit. MIght be because it hasn’t had a run in nearly 3 weeks. I also found that there is an adjustment on the lower pivot arm. Logic says that if I loosen the nut the arm will move away from the gear box. However my cable seems to be at it’s maximum so the pivot arm can’t move back.

I can only hope as I the clutch cable is brand new it will stretch a little now it is under tension and sort itself out.

Normaly you want 3-4mm of travel at the lever.
On the 750 ie and probobly all the small blocks no more than 2mm.
I sent my broken parts to Venhill and got a spare made by them.
Slightly more expensive but far better quality than oe.

Re: lower pivot arm adjustment. The nut is merely a locknut, adjustment is via the central stud, so slacken the nut and unscrew the adjuster stud until you have the handlebar clearance, then retighten the nut. If your cable is too tight and you haven’t got 2mm as Ian says, the clutch will slip and the push rod will be damaged.

Agree re pattern parts tho…every bloody cable we buy recently is wrong so we tend to go down the Venhill route…
when I got my old loop the rear main seal and both gearbox seals were gone…ordered the seals from a reliable supplier. The main seal came in an unmarked box and failed immediately…thankfully the gearbox ones were good…

Well, thanks to iandunmore and White Lemon, I think shes’ sorted.
Previously in first she barely moved up my drive which is slightly inclined. After all the adjustments were made, I went to the bottom of the drive. I set off in first with very little revs and she flew up the drive! 9The wind had blown the garage door half closed so nearly got a door in the face but hey.)
I still need to change the rear disc and pads so then I’ll take her out on the road and give her a proper test.

Thanks everyone for your help!

My front disc was history at 38,000 miles so I fitted an EBC one at about £170.00 instead of £220.00 for Brembo.
My rear is fine though I will be interested in how yours works out.
Slightly aside; have you tried the Finebau Forge lambda sensor mod available from Twiggers?
I know of no dissatisfied customers.
OK Dave, you can put the shotgun down now. Dave, put the shotgun down plea…

Further to my issues with my clutch, seems my heated grips weren’t helping. The grip had slipped round and I only had half the usual turn on the throttle. I have since fitted a new pair of heated grips and all is well.