Breva 750ie starting problem...

…that is to say, it doesn’t!

This morning my Breva, after it had run through all it’s pre-flight checks and diagnostics, coughed once upon thumbing the starter and then just gave me starter motor clicking and a few electrical hums.

I was late for work this morning so I abandoned the bike, quickly threw on alternative clothing and ran for my car, hence I didn’t get a chance to try bump starting it in gear.

Likely causes and solutions for this hopefully momentary abberation?

Battery OK?Look in the FAQ section, two threads, how to check a starter motor and the click no crank one.

Short out between the starter solonoid and the big bty +ve (battery positive) on the starter before you try bump starting it.
And then follow Brians advice.iandunmore2013-09-04 11:09:19

Thanks chaps. Will do as suggested when I get home this evening.

Did you find the problem?

Not as yet. I’m snowed under at work and the weather at the weekends hasn’t been conducive to working on the bike. Need to get it sorted though as I’m missing riding it like crazy.

Does the Breva’s ECU prevent starting if there’s another problem it doesn’t like?

I don’t think so, apart from the nutral light being on etc.

start with shorting out starter to solenoid as per what Ian said, check the kill switch for a) stupidity and b) make sure its clean (spray in some wd40 or contact cleaner using the red straw up through the drain holes on the underside of the switch and click it on/off a dozen times to clean the contacts). there have been some problems with solenoids being sticky. the starter circuit fuse can blow regularly on some B750s, check it, and always have spare fuses with you. Other options, may be volt drop due to poor connections or if the instruments went crazy too it could be a low battery charge. charge the battery - battery is minimal capacity and charging circuit won’t cope if any poor connections or too many short commutes, or left standing (the instruments have a continuous small drain on the battery, use a battery tender after 1 week idle or disconnect battery, there’s a 2-way plug & socket in the loom near the relays under the seat that disconnects the main loom but not the heavy starter motor cables) check the battery terminals and the cable tags are clean (emery and vaseline), and the earth tags on right side of bellhousing (remove bolt, clean everything until shiny, remove casing paint under tags, grease liberally). check the battery is charging properly, charging ability is easily degraded by any poor connection in the circuit, check regulator connector under front of tank for bad contacts / green yuck (careful - it’s still connected to battery when ignition is off), and from memory is there an earth lead off the regulator, or is it through the mounting bolts to frame? check the 2 off 30A fuses on side of battery for bad contact / damp / corrosion check relays under seat are inserted properly (the seat base hits front one as seat cutout is not big enough) and remove / refit them to clean sockets contacts. Check cables under front socket not damaged by pressure from seat. got an alarm fitted ? - may cause problems too.