Breva braking issue. Disc Recommendations?

The front disc on my wife’s Breva is not behaving itself!

It’s not the original - that was replaced by the previous owner due to a warping effect (quite common) - but he did mention this effect was just noticeable with the replacement after a while, too. We’ve had the bike ~2 years and I’ve thoroughly cleaned the disc surface/spun the buttons to improve things before the MoTs and it’s passed with a clean bill of health each time BUT the effect has returned and it’s now making the bike unpleasant to ride.

The symptoms are as follows (caliper was rebuilt with new seals & pads approx. 2,000 miles ago);.

  • Low speed gentle braking is inconsistent and ‘grabby’
  • High speed/high pressure braking is very good but feels a bit over-sensitive to the initial application.
  • Medium speed application of the brake whilst holding the power on to maintain speed results in a small but detectable fluctuation at the lever. This is a much lower resonance than once per revolution.

There are 4 possible causes that I have identified, in order of likeliness;

  1. The disc is warped.
  2. The floating buttons are not allowing the disc to float (despite constant attempts to free them).
  3. The disc face has been contaminated with burnt-on pad material and therefore has an inconstant co-efficient of friction around the surface
  4. The mounting surface for the disc is out-of-true

Having spent too much time trying to fix (2) and (3), I’ve decided to replace the disc. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good-performing disc and indeed any alternative suggestions to what may be causing the symptoms?



Strange, I was only discussing this with Tony-C at the Manchester show and the 6 bobbin discs fitted to the current V7, as against the 10 bobbin Brembo fitted to the Breva 750 and V11.

My wife’s other Guzzi is a 750 Anniversary Nevada and the 6-bobbin front disc was replaced under warranty |(previous owner) so it appears to be a common issue. The replacement discs advertised for the Breva 750 include 6, 8, 9 & 10 bobbin types!

What was the conclusion?


My issue on the Breva was the disc would rotate 2-3mm on the support plate. The disc had low signs of pad wear. I could not see a less bobbin disc lasting as long. I decided to replace both discs on my V11 with 10 bobbin Brembo and hand me down the old to the higher mileage Breva as needed.

Aha … I thought I heard my name mentioned … I will be addressing a front brake issue, on my V7II, soon … May I make a suggestion…? Take a look on the home page of Blackshadow-UK … ( a motorcycle disc brake specialist ) … They are in South Wales, and seem to “know their stuff” … On their home page, click on, “common disc problems” , and read the page thoroughly … I spoke with “the man”, and would wholeheartedly recommend you do the same … He will gladly pass on the benefits of his wisdom … Regards, Tony

Thanks for the advice, Tony, but I had already replaced the disc and pads by the time I read your post and the problem has, it seems, been eliminated. I will check out that website anyhow.