Breva indicators

I have just bought a lovely 2006, Breva 750 and am having problems with the front left indicator.

I have established it is not the bulb as it worked fine when I switched it with the right side. I have made sure the two spade connectors are tight.

Most of the time, when operated the rear left indicator flashes really fast and the front does nothing. But very occasionally the front left indicator operated normally.

Any suggestions please?


  1. do the hazards work normaly?2.this is normaly an earth fault. Check your earth connections at the front all the way back. Replace with a flying lead if possible direct to bty -ve.3. it may be the bulb, they can dither about before blowing (weird) in which case it is not a normal bulb. it is yellow with offset pins.4. which makes me wonder if the wrong bulb and the connections in the base not always making.
    iandunmore2013-07-30 09:46:31

Ian, you are talking to a mechanical idiot here.

I switched the front indicator bulbs around and it did not change anything. What I thought wasa dodgy bulb, worked fine on the right side and the “good” bulb didnt work on the left.

The only indicator that doesnt work when the 4 way flashes are on is the front left. All the others flash at the correct speed…

I have no idea what flying lead is or byt- ve is.


Sorry about that.battery (bty) negative (-ve).If you don’t have a simple volt meter buy one. Thet are cheaper than chips now.A flying lead means find out which lead is your -ve from the bulb holder and replace it all the way with a piece of wire direct to bty -ve. Just push it into the back of the indicator connector and brush it against bty -ve.If this works (and it should) then you know you simply have to follow the harness -ve back cleaning connections with contact cleaner as you go.

My bike had this problem, Steve. It occurred particularly after stopping and locking the bike - turning the bars full lock. I replaced the bulb etc., just like you and also experienced the rapid flashing. In my case it was down to a loosish OEM connector where the wires from the loom join the indicator leads near the headlight - sometimes getting trapped or strained. I replaced all the indicator connectors with bullet-type ones and have never had the same problem since. Mechanical idiot? Didn’t you do a beautiful restoration of a Cardelino?
EasyTiger2013-07-30 11:42:23

Quick flashing is

Connector to bulb corroded in the base where the bulb goes
Loose or corroded connector to the bulb holder
Loose or corroded connector between them
loose earth

If all bulbs check out and all connectors you can find check out LOOK real hard just in case you missed one …THEN finally replace the relay

MOST elektrikery faults can be found by LOOKING a bit of corrosion on a bulb holder or connection creats mayhem…I have this issue now and again on the Givi bulb holders the little blobs of copperor brass that the bulb base connects to get cruddy and the bottom soldered blobs on the bulbs get worn, vibration I guess.

I used to have this on the rear stop/tail lamps on a Norton fastback

Yup, sounds right to me.Guzzi elecrtics are simple even with an icu (just think of it as a black box which does stuff).What Easy Tiger had is mostly what it comes down to.

Well I can rule out any signs of corrosion. This bike looks like it has just come out of the showroom. I am pretty sure this is a loose wire somewhere. The fact that it does operate sometimes points to that.

EasyTiger. Yes I did the Cardellino but only by asking Lots of questions on here

I am sure I will sort the problem out.


EDIT: was posted after Ian’s ~ I concur, is sounding like broken wire or somesuch in steering head area, at least we know it’s the one that goes to the LH indicator
Mike H2013-07-30 16:27:25

Still worth checking the contacts in the indicator I have had a new Honda with one corroded .

Had this happen with the V11 it was the bullet connectors not quite connected they have plastic sleeves and I reckon one had pulled out enough to work but now and again did not make good contact of course ONE wire was in so it looked good

That is true, could be a problem with the actual lamp unit.

I think I have solved the problem. I have yet to ride the bike but I adjusted and taped the connections behind the headlight.



Oh the suspense!

Well in another thread we are told the problem is solved. It would be most useful to others if the information was posted here.