Breva - LED stop tail

Any one done it?
Anyone recommend a brand / outlet?

tried and vibrations killed every one i tried

Or, not designed properly in the first place ~ have been having an ‘issue’ lately with some LED DRL’s ~ operating current way too high so ‘blowing’ the LED’s. Dropper resistor values were chosen for 30 mA at 12V … unfortunately: A. 30 mA is the absolute maximum rating; and B. the running Voltage is 14-ish, not 12 … ergo, whichever plonker did the calculations needs a kick up the bum …

I have had an LED rear lamp in the breva for 2 years
its just slightly larger than the origional lamp
cost about 14 quid from a specialist

I put a pair in the Spada III tail light, both stop and tail, they worked very well and used very little power. The old filament ones made the headlight dip slightly when I braked!