Breva Oil leak

I went for a ride today and when I got home I noticed Oil on my right boot.

I looked the bike over (Breva 750) and noticed a small amount of Oil spray on the right side panels.

I have tried to find where its coming from but nothing is apparent…

Any suggestions?


Rocker cover gasket ?

Split breather hose or bloke in front spraying you?

We had the same happen on the LHS. It was the breather hose partly detached from the back of the rocker cover.

Does the small block have an external oil feed pipe up to the rocker covers like the big block? I would look there for starters.

nah its internal oil feed through the casting, just 2 external breather pipes

check around the driveshaft gaiter in case the gearbox output shaft seal; has failedrocker cover gaskets are prone to failure if not replaced every time the tappets are setalso as mention check breather pipe on inside of rockersmall weeps around bolts on head gasket are normal though, but thats just a smear

I’ve had my 750 Breva since 2005 and there was a slight leak.

It turned out to be a porous barrel, changed under warranty but the dealer tried several obvious things such as gaskets, oil seals, etc. until I suggested the porous barrel as an option. Not sure where I got the idea from.

Fair play Wilberforce, had this years ago but not on a guzzi…

any luck with finding it steve ?

Split rocker breather hose…they perish with the heat…