Breva panniers removal.

Hello, can any body describe to me how the Guzzi own panniers detach from my ‘new’ Breva 1100. My Cali has HB panniers and these are easy to remove. From what I see you release the clip at the front and push panniers back then lift up. A bang with the palm of my hand fails to move them back.

Hi Julian, they can be a bit stiff to remove, basically, as you say, swing out the front clip, then push and turn the key the opposite way to opening the case, then push back. I put a bit of beeswax on mine to stop the mounts sticking, plus some AC50 in the lock and on the front mount. Hope this helps.
Cheers, Gerry.

Yes, you must push and turn the key.

Welcome to the brevahood julian :smiley: .


Pannier problem solved. Thanks to anybody who replied. Bike is a totally different animal to the Tonti framed Cali. Fast, smooth, quite, comfortable,easy to ride, almost BMW like! Will it hold its value as well as the Cali? The Cali has that look. It’s a funny old world.

I went from a Cali to a B11 and feel much the same

I now have a Cali 1100 and a Breva 1100. It’s not just the panniers that are different. One has soggy dumplings for suspension and the other hasn’t. One is smooth and fast but runs out of steam well before the Red line, the other is lumpy and has hamsters tap dancing in the rocker boxes, but it’s happy to accelerate in top gear. One takes any line I choose around the bends, the other chooses its own curves. One day, I’ll have to decide which one to keep.