Breva V1100 Service indicator

The electronic display on my '06 Breva V1100 occasionally shows the “Service” indicator with the exclamation-mark-in-a-triangle. The user handbook says that when a service is due, this indicator comes on with a ‘flashing spanner’ icon. When “Service” comes on with the !triangle for a specific fault ( oilcan , turn indicator,ECU fault ) an appropriate icon is displayed.

My display is simply showing “Service” with the !traingle, but no other symbol. If I switch the ignition off, holding the toggle button in, on the left-hand grip then turn ignition back on, toggle still held in, the “Service” indicator and warning triangle goes away (but this also deletes the trip meter/fuel info etc).

There appears no defect with the bike; the “service” indicator will likely stay unlit for 500 or 600 miles, then pop back on.

Any useful ideas?

You should be able to check for fault codes on the dash. Your owners book will tell you how. The fault codes are explained in the workshop manual.

Hi Brian,
Thanks for the response - the point is, apart from the “Service” and warning triangle, no “fault source icon” appears. The owner’s manual sets out the various symbols that might appear, but doesn’t offer explanation of the “service” warning with no accompanying symbol. I’m hoping that as I can cancel out the “service warning” it’s the electronic system at fault, not something physical with the bike!

Still worth checking if any fault codes are present.

Speedo sensor getting wet.Smear some grease over it.

Speedo sensor already chemically cleaned and silicone sealed - not that any speedo disfunction has occurred.Brian UK2012-05-19 09:58:32

The oil pressure sensor can give this problem, again worth checking the fault codes.
The service code you will need is one of these.
Breva 850 & 1100 – 36421 or 36424; With joystick: 28315

Probably 36424 in your case.
You can get a translation of all the fault codes in the workshop manual, have you downloaded one yet?
Get one here if you have not.
hereBrian UK2012-05-19 10:08:01

My Norge was doing the same especially on very cold mornings or after getting very wet. Was a poor connection to the oil pressure sender. The faults codes indicated no oil pressure & oil pressure sensor fault.

It seems he has sorted it out on Guzzitech, it was indeed the oil pressure sensor giving an error code.

Indeed, he has. The “key” turned out to be the ludicrously simple fact that the service code is input, one character at a time, using the “set” button, just like setting a cheap digital clock. Miss the number you want and you go round again.

You know, you would be better off giving the bike to someone else, as these electronic additions clearly do not suit you.

I have had the same issues with my B1100 and suspected the oil pressure sensor to be the culprit. The ‘service’ and warning light went from intermittently annoying to permanently on.
Now I have taken some time to look into the problem and before I even got to the pressure sensor, I found that the two main wiring block connectors under the tank, just behind the headstock, needed some attention. One of the connectors in particular (the one with the smaller pins) was particularly ‘fuzzy’. Then I found one of the pins completely corroded and hardly making any connection at all. I bypassed this with a new connection and ‘hey-presto’, the service message is gone! It still comes on intermittently though, so I shall next attack the sensor.
I have now remade the connections with some contact grease, then slid some lengths of bicycle inner tube over them, sealed with zip ties at each end.

This reinforces my worries about any modern motor. The reliance on sensors and gadgets is all very well but it all relies on numerous connectors and weak links in the system.djpockets2012-05-31 11:24:55

I always suggest to people that a bit of preventative maintenance is well worth while.
Whenever I have access to any connector I pull it apart and spray with Servisol. Couldn’t get the one on the ECU off, but sprayd all round anyway. So far I have not bee plagued with connection problems.
Worst I heard of was the ECU pins corroding to the extent one broke off, remedy - new ECU.
Though I see pin sets for the 5AM ECU (used on Ducatis too) on Ebay, so Ducatis are clearly prone to this.