Breva V1100 Valve clearances/Sump oil strainer

Hi there,
I joined the club fairly recently so this is my first real foray into the forum world.

I adjusted the clearances on the Breva last year to 0.10mm Inlet and 0.15mm Exhaust but have susequently seen a couple of references (Teo Lamers/Guzzitech) saying 0.15mm Inlet and 0.20mm Exhaust. The factory manual states the former. All definitive replies welcome!

Secondly, does the sump oil strainer need to be cleaned at periodic intervals? There’s no mention of it but it would seem to make sense. I changed the oil and filter last year but haven’t removed the sump so far.

Thanks, Jon

Does the sump still have an oil strainer?
This is a left bovver from pre oil filter days and can be ignored.
As the Guzzi is not a racing bike I have always gone for slightly greater clearances at the tappets for safety’s sake.

+1 for that. I’ve never found a damn thing in a Guzzi strainer even after 30 years of looking.

Well, that’s a good question! Maybe it doesn’t have a strainer? There appears to be one looking on the parts diagram. I guess there’s only one way to find out…
As for valve clearances I think that’s a good philosophy. Think I’ll maybe check and adjust them again in a couple of months.
Thanks for your comments

I did mine at the weekend and had the same question

I found a thread on Guzzitech that confirmed 0.10mm Inlet and 0.15mm Exhaust

The other thing I have found on all my Guzzi’s is that after 20,000 miles they don’t change if done properly.

Simple little way to check the clearances as it is easy to get sinistre and dextrose mixed up using TDC to set tappets.
Use the ICEO method it is very reliable and you cannot get the cylinders wrong.
Here is how to check it
Remove the rocker covers and plugs and put the bike in top gear. Roll the bike forwards until an exhaust valve just starts to open. Without moving the bike, set the inlet tappet on the same side. Next roll the bike back till the inlet valve just starts to open. Now set the exhaust tappet for that same cylinder
Then repeat for the other side.

That’s reassuring about never finding anything in a strainer! Sounds like I can put that one on the backburner…

Perhaps setting the clearances between the two is the way to go with 0.13 mm Inlet and 0.18mm Exhaust. It then favours running them slightly slack without going too far.

That’s an inventive way of setting the clearances. Great to hear of people’s workarounds!

Thanks everybody. Your comments are really appreciated.