Bridgestone, BT45's or 023's

Hi. I have been to the local tyre dealer and asked about a new BT45 for the back of my Cali Evo. He has said the new 023’s are a better tyre, dual compound and are cheaper. Now the question is are they any good? At the moment I have a BT45 on the back, and am happy to pay the extra for the same tyre as its proven, but the more modern tyre and to save some money, who else would say NO?
Any issues with them, good or bad. Thanks for any help.

Last time I tried to buy BT45’s they were on back order so I went with Michelin pilot activ. Very glad I did, fantastic tyre not going back to Bridgestone.lawries2014-09-10 06:22:27

Just about to do the same thing on my Cali andf was leaving towards the 045s

Obvious question is will the 023s fit without fouling the swingarm?

Do yourself a favour ,dump them BT45s ,tyres have moved on . I run BT023 on my 1100 corsa I find them really, really good . Any of the newer tyres are ace but tris makes a good point so have a word with the dealer about that

Thanks for that hadn’t even considered the width issue. Will have to see what the width is. spanner3472014-09-10 10:12:24

I have found BT45’s slightly below spec width.Avons above spec width.

Its an academic question on my 95 Cali but your Evo might be different.

According to Bridgestones website, they don’t do the sizes I need in the 023 or new T30 tyres

Front tyre: 110/90 x 18
Rear tyre: 140/80 x 17

tris2014-09-10 18:23:01

+1Demon2014-09-10 20:17:07

Brdgestone BT45 only just clears the shaft on my Cali 1100i.I am very happy with it, very confidence inspiring.Check the width carefully on any tyre that you buy before fitting it.There was a lot about this on a USA Guzzi site I stumbled across warning that some tyres will actually rub on the shaft

The width of the BT023’s are 156mm the width of the BT 45’s are 149mm so am guessing they may not fit then as the gap at the moment is very small. Looks like I may have to go for the new BT 45V which is the same size width wise

This is the link and why I decided on the 045s

However, it was last updated as far as I can see in 1999 so new tyres will have arrived and others become obsolete/difficult to get.

I am just going to buy a new back tyre. AÂ BT45 is currently fitted by the previous owner…
 considering  the MICHELIN pilot active, the AVON AM26 roadrider or the Conti-GO. After 6000 miles the BT45 (3.5mm tread in middle) is not feeling as well planted. As it has worn more it gets worse (a BT45 did the same on my last Cali).

The list above is old, could we have a  measure of the modern tyres we all have when fitted and put together a 2014 list on the website?