Buffeting on 850TT travel

Hello I have a one year old 850 TT Travel to which I fitted a MRA vario spoilerVSA Type A.Still get wind noise and buffeting.Can anyone please suggest an alternative spoiler to screen ?Normal seat fiited and am around 6ft .From new member Gaetano Mansi, London

I agree. The “standard” low screen gives little or no protection, but at least there’s no buffeting either! I tried a “Travel” screen but it gave me a headache at 70mph on the motorway! Back on the standard low screen until I get around to fitting the (ugly, but I believe effective) Givi Airflow for winter protection…

I’m looking at the Kappa version of the Givi screen (cheaper for what appears to be the same screen). Has anyone got direct experience of this one, please?

I fitted a Chinese spoiler , 15 quid from eBay. It stops the buffeting but doesn’t look very nice

Hi-new member also. Gaetano - did you manage to find something to help with the buffeting?
John Richardson

Hi guys,
hubby has both screens for his V85 ( one for winter and one for summer), and he experiences no buffeting . He is medium tall, and was used to a Cali with the really big screen.
Does it only appear at higher speeds?

Cheers Uki

Over 60mph it’s really unpleasant for taller riders, I had a test ride on one with the short screen and didn’t notice buffeting, but the taller screen is really bad on fast roads.

I had a play with the screen angle and fitted a cheapo spoiler to the top of the screen.
Result is acceptable. No buffeting and a bit of wind noise, but my helmet doesn’t help.