Buffeting on 850TT travel

Hello I have a one year old 850 TT Travel to which I fitted a MRA vario spoilerVSA Type A.Still get wind noise and buffeting.Can anyone please suggest an alternative spoiler to screen ?Normal seat fiited and am around 6ft .From new member Gaetano Mansi, London

I agree. The “standard” low screen gives little or no protection, but at least there’s no buffeting either! I tried a “Travel” screen but it gave me a headache at 70mph on the motorway! Back on the standard low screen until I get around to fitting the (ugly, but I believe effective) Givi Airflow for winter protection…

I’m looking at the Kappa version of the Givi screen (cheaper for what appears to be the same screen). Has anyone got direct experience of this one, please?

I fitted a Chinese spoiler , 15 quid from eBay. It stops the buffeting but doesn’t look very nice

Hi-new member also. Gaetano - did you manage to find something to help with the buffeting?
John Richardson

Hi guys,
hubby has both screens for his V85 ( one for winter and one for summer), and he experiences no buffeting . He is medium tall, and was used to a Cali with the really big screen.
Does it only appear at higher speeds?

Cheers Uki

Over 60mph it’s really unpleasant for taller riders, I had a test ride on one with the short screen and didn’t notice buffeting, but the taller screen is really bad on fast roads.

I had a play with the screen angle and fitted a cheapo spoiler to the top of the screen.
Result is acceptable. No buffeting and a bit of wind noise, but my helmet doesn’t help.

I’m using a Powerbronze Power Blade at the moment. This comes with a base screen and two front screens with lots of adjustment and at under £200 not too expensive for what you get. I have found that if you can get a sweet spot, it’s not bad but having been spoiled for 5 years with a BMW RT where you just push a button until all goes quiet…

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Hi, has anyone used these yet ;

Ive got a pair on the way as fitted a taller screen and the buffetting was terrible.

I have a tt travel, didn’t realise how bad it was until
I took my wife’s v85 for a service ( standard screen) the next day I ordered a standard short screen. Hallelujah what a difference!
My thoughts on the travel is just don’t bother, the centrestand is good and the heated grips are good, the high screen and the tyre pressure system are crap, the panniers are ok but there are better out there for the same or less money. Love the bike though

Yes i have shad Terra 4P panniers on my Yellow Evocative, just wanted a slightly taller screen for winter riding but the buffetting is terrible. I’ll let you know if these deflectors work (they are aluminium btw).

It does seem to be related to crash helmet style as well; the adventure style with peak being the worst affected, whereas a normal full-face helmet is far less affected. I can’t comment on open-face helmets as I don’t use one.

Re the “Mickey Mouse” ears, I have fitted a pair and they do seem to be reducing the buffeting but with the Power Bronze screen’s range of adjustments there is a lot more experimenting to do when the weather improves.

Hi Katie, just viewing your thread. Dod the Mickey Mouse wind deflectors make any difference? Thanks Tonybrode

I’ll let you know when I get it. But a friend has run one since Dec 3500 miles) in all weathers, and she says she can see rain being deflected when they are out so they definitely have an effect. The top of her legs can tell the difference in temperature as well between when they are in and out.

Edit; Ignore this i was talking about the V100 ‘ears’ lol

do you mean the screw on deflectors for a v85tt or the wings on a v100??

The v 85 ears certainly reduce buffeting a lot especially if you use a taller screen with an additional deflector on top. Practically zero buffering. My previous comment was for the V100

Thanks Katie, appreciate your advice. Cheers Tonybrode

Fitted the ears and have a Powerbronze tall screen and spoiler. Wouldnt say its helped an awful ot although im experimenting with the screen spolier.