Burning issue..

Hi all,
Ive made the novice mistake of letting my motorcycle jacket come into contact with the hot downpipe of my new V7 Stone. Didnt realise until sometime later when my wife pointed out the burn holes in my jacket. Returning to the bike sure enough there was the remnants of the nylon stuck solidily to the now cold exhaust system. Please does anyone know of any “magic” solutions to removing this from my pride and joy, apart from re-heating pipe and trying to scrape it off. :confused: Many Thanks…GeoffinBeds

Would a blowtorch help.
Jacket still useable?

Hi, thanks for reply. Not sure about blowtorch, but jacket still useable until I can replace…thanks

I caught a polythene bag around the header pipe on my V7 Classic, what a mess.
What didn’t peel off when cool buffed off OK with a good quality metal polish, the melted plastic being no match for jeweller’s carburundum and elbow grease.


Presuming that the pipes are chromed, you don’t want to use an abrasive. I’m thinking that when hot the stuff is most likely to smear. I’d try to get the bulk of it off when cold with a very sharp blade. Any other minor residue after that would probably then burn off quite quickly. Other option would be to try some kind of chemical/thinners.

I think they are stainless.

try a hot air gun and a wooden spatula

Might come off more easily if you left it on for a while to get thoroughly burnt up and carbonised. (Aka, turned to ash/soot).Â


Thanks for all replies. Think I`ll try the hot air gun (or wifes hairdryer) with the wooden spatula first. Then everything else! :slight_smile:

Smear it with jam and bury in an ants nest.

He wants to clean it up not torture it to death.
Remind me not to upset you.

Well, `er indoors came up with the answer. She used a kitchen product called “Ovenpride”, which she applied with a mild abrasive sponge on the affected area. She then wrapped the area in cling film, left it overnight. The next day it just lifted off and polished up fine. I was happy and she got a bunch of flowers out of it (bought on special offer of course). Good tip to pass round maybe?


Weell done that woman! Ovenpride & gladwrap. Noted for next time.


Hope you didn’t mention the special offer on the flowers…

Women eh  ? :laughing:

Where would we be without 'em… :sunglasses: