Buying a Loop.

Oh yeah.

Gotta sell my Sunbeam. Oh well.

Nnooooo!!! :astonished:

If you do sell the Sunbeam, I have a mate that is half thinking about buying one

Good move. Just got one and can recommend it.

I’m expecting it to be heavy and slow. But a cooool ride.

Heavy, but easy enough to push around as weight is carried low.
Not so slow. Mine will cruise at indicated 80mph.
Main limitations are brakes and ground clearance.

I have enough problems pushing Blue around my plot, but we’ll see.

Seems to have drum brakes both ends. I’m used to drums on other bikes, but not at 80 mph.
Also this bike has fairly substantial floor boards which I could impinge when making turns.

It will be some weeks before I can collect. I have to get my eldest daughter married off first (it was part of the deal).

I have pegs rather than footboards, but can easily touch the sidestand down, and I ride like your granny.

Not as heavy or difficult to move around as I’d been expecting. Featherweight compared to a BMW K100 I had…

‘Heavy and slow’…hush yer mouth…mite be a tad heavy for sure…but slow ?..tsk…
If you have a look on This Old Tractor…you will see a number of reproduction brochures…one of them contains a list of records achieved by V7’s…one of which remains unbroken I believe…then if course theres Harleys 2 post trick which saw them excluded from AMA events…
Corse you knew you’d get me goin Butch…

Well, either ways. I don’t think I’ve been that fast on drum brakes up until now.

And I meant when compared with a HD anyway.

Congratulations on buying a Loop !! Is it coming from Cornwall by any chance?
They are heavy but not as heavy as some more recent tourers. I came off my 850GT t’other day having hit a flood in the dark.I picked it up without problems and I’m no Samson.
Slow ?? No. Both my Loops a 750 and the 850 will hold 90 mph all day given the right road conditions.

Mine went to Scotland! Still got another though!

It is coming from down your way. Read of your off - sounded nasty, but could have been nastier of course. Glad you’re mostly OK.

Still sorting my finances. Hoping to collect next weekend. Wondering if I can line it up for a ride out to the Clox (I’d want to have hot grips and a sat-nav mount wired in ideally).

Hope to be at the “clox” myself,especially if there’s a newly accquired Loop to see.
With regard to the prang,you have to hand it to Stein Dinse.Wrecked the L/H crash bar on monday morning,ordered replacement on tuesday morning,arrived this afternoon. :smiley:

No heated grips or Satnav on mine. The police fairing shields my hands pretty well and some silk inner gloves do the rest. Satnav just looks out of place to me, so map in the tank bag pocket it is.
Might get to Clox myself if nothing else is planned on my behalf. Of course we have Stafford Show before that.

Picked the bike up over the weekend. She’s absolutely gorgeous, and runs like a, err, an Italian watch. I think I’m in love.

Pics on the Club FB page. Questions under their own sub-heading to follow.

Congrat’s onyour Loop.I’d love to see it but don’t do facebook. Might you be posting pic’s, :wink: erm,anywhere else perchance. :wink:

I have never managed it here - they probly need desizing. I thought storage was cheap these days, and hence we’ll never have to do a Y3K project. I’ll try here when I get home.