Buying insurance write offs

I recently suffered a rear end shunt on my V7 850 and am waiting for confirmation that it is a write off

The firm dealing with my claim then sell the write off bikes as auctions on ebay with the username of ‘motomine’

Might be useful for those of you who need or want a load of spare parts or a project

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is this a For Sale item, Woody, a heads-up or a Discussion item?


It’s a heads up for information but wasn’t sure where to put it in the forum

Thought it might be helpful for people - as an example they currently have a V85TT up for auction currently at £3800 with 2 days left

thanks for the reply. generally, the rules for selling here is that members can advertise their own bike (or parts) for sale for free. anyone else selling (i.e. your insurer’s agent) is welcome to advertise here, or in Gambalunga for a fee.

as a ‘heads-up’ for other V85TT owners, i would think that a post in the Technical - V85TT section might be seen as helpful, when the bike is on sale, and with a reference to eBay generally, rather than to the specific seller (which might be considered to be promoting their sale)

If a club official sees this differently, please do chime in.

sorry about the ‘write-off’ @Woody - hope you’re all sorted quickly and without hassle.


Apologies if I’ve broken any rules as that wasn’t my intention

The post wasn’t aimed at selling anything, whether mine or someone else’s, or any specific bike, but to give out the general information that write offs are for sale if anyone is interested for projects etc.

Feel free to delete if needed :+1:

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No apologies necessary sir. No harm done, I think.