Cable operated choke PHM40 carbs

Does anyone know how to get a dual cable operated choke assembly apart - specifically the lever end?

 Tried to attach a picture but it wouldn’t stick…

Is this the one with a short plastic lever on top of an alloy tube? If so: Unhitch the cables from the carb/plunger. Detach the lever assembly from the bike. (order can be reversed if it’s easier). Give the alloy tube a good clean and spray some WD40 or similar around the lever end. Hold the tube firmly and the top/cap will unscrew. Have seen these painted over, corroded and covered in muck which ides the threaded portion near the cap.
Good luck

As an aside; if the plastic lever breaks (like mine) you can replace it from one of to those fitted to the levers supplied by Gutsibits. Just extend the lever and push the pin out with the blunt end of a fine drill and refit to the original.

Thanks very much for the replies to this - both very useful