In a couple of weeks my stepson and I are off to the NEC for the bike show to look at the shiny bikes and sit on the shiny bikes :smiley: :smiley: .

We’ve decided to get there when it opens but since we’re coming from Gainsborough will need some breakfast on the way or have it at “silly-o-clock”

Any recommendations for cafes along/near A46/M69/M6 (Newark/Leicester/NEC) on the way there


Hiya Thanks for the nomination. There is one on the A46 just North of Leicester, Paula’s A46 Cafe I’m sure I’ve stopped in for a coffee before. It seems to get a couple of good reviews on facebook and the menu looks pretty decent.

depends how soon you want to stop after leaving home… The Friendly Farmer at the junction of A46/A17/A1ish at Newark does decent breakfasts…


I think I need to get past the Friendly Farmer Neil - stepson wont be fully awake by there :slight_smile:

Current favourite is the 3 pots Café in Burbage which is 0.5 mile from J1 on M69 though the suggestion of going to the National Motorcycle Museum restaurant sounds like a good option too