Cali 1100 Carb - Battery Recommendations?

My son is running a 1994 Cali 1100 carb model (triked) and needs a new battery.

He uses it for work every day and over the winter the battery takes a hammering, so was looking for a beefy solution. Any recommendations please?


Others will disagree but…
Have found gel batteries to be good. The NTX ran all last winter with no problems; short runs, lights, heated grips etc.
Also works well on the EV; mixed running sometimes laid up for weeks,
All the best

you need a battery that’s a 28 AH (amps per hour) at least and also 300+ cranking newton meters, some one out ther will be abel to say what the proper term for cranking meters is. I all ways youse VARTA 28ah 300ccm on my calies thay have all ways served me well.also a tricle charger is a good idea .cheaper than a new battery every year,


Cheers Mike, good info!