Cali 1100 Headlight

The headlight on my Cali isn’t the best in the world especially (surprisingly) on mainbeam

Looking at it yestareday I found that the lens was “milky” ie not crystal clear like it had something on it

Decided to clean it but found that the reflector is stuck to the glass lens

Do I just need to be a bit brave or is it a “sealed for life” jobbie?


If it is not a sealed beam . Try spraying glass cleaner in and then wash it in the sink with fairy liquid. Rinse out thoroughly. Maybe with deionised ( battery/iron ) water so you don’t get spots. It’s only glass after all so it is.

love and kisses

… as in slosh it around inside?

There’s a bit of an access issue as the assembly has a big old shield (I guess) in front of the bulb so I can’t get anything through the bulb hole

This has been recommended by others on here7" sealed beamI keep meaning to invest in one for the Spada as that still has an ancient bulb and Cibie lens that the previous owner fitted back in 1979! Wire in some relays at the same time is the recommendation to boost your night vision.

I have one on my Cali’ 3, along with a high performance bulb rated at 120%, transformed night riding.
If I remember, the standard headlight lense is plastic, the Ring replacement is glass.