Cali 1100i fuel pump.

Hi all, new to Guzzis and am looking for some advice. I think my fuel pump has died, luckily whilst at home. Just stopped working. I’ve checked all the fuses and have swopped the relays around but nothing. Took the tank and side panels off and have checked the wiring for any obvious breaks or bad connections but can’t spot anything. It’s a pretty pricey item but if I need one so be it.
It looks to be a real tight squeeze to work on in there, are there any tips on removal and refitting?
Thanks for any help!

is the pump external ( ie not in tank) if so you will beable to get a bosch replacement for about £30 /£40 take the part number then go online or your local motor factors . I replaced my 1998 cali one about 3 years ago the pump was for an opal/fiat/ford range of cars.

Check the pump is receiving power if you’ve got a volt meter. Check that engine cut out switch has not been activated! (guess how I know :neutral_face: )
Disconnect the wiring from the pump and apply battery voltage straight to the pump terminals, sometimes this is enough to free a sticking pump.
Try tapping the pump body with something with the ignition switched on, sometimes the pumps can stick , especially if the bike hasn’t been used much.

Thanks both for your replies. Been sick so hadn’t checked back until now. Will have a look shortly.